From our students...

“I like the welcoming feeling of the classroom as it makes you more relaxed and less pressured. The calmness of the room helps you focus better. Maharishi School makes new kids always feel respected and that they have friends.”  

“I love how we learn our Word of Wisdom – it’s really nice. I think that all of the kindness in this school comes from our Word of Wisdom.” 

“My most favourite thing about Maharishi School is the teachers and the people in the office. I feel like the teachers treat me like I’m their child. The people in the school respect you for the way you are. I love how we are allowed to play with different classes. I think that everyone loves that there are no bullies. I know a lot of schools and this is the best one. I know some children who don’t want to go to school because they are bullied a lot. I love Maharishi School.”

“What I like learning about at Maharishi School is good manners. I like learning about it because it helps us make more friends. Everyone has a beautiful heart so everyone has at least 10 friends. I like it because everyone can enjoy their life with company from their friends.”

“I like Maharishi School because you can have lots of friendships and whoever you meet is a friend to you and if you’re upset or hurt you will always have a friend by your side.”

“I love that Maharishi School is such a strong community and how everyone is so friendly and happy and loving to each other, and I think that all the people that go to this school will be friendly, happy and loving to the people they meet outside the school as well.”

From the parents...

“There is a sense of belonging shared equally throughout the whole Maharishi community, where we find that the children really do respect and care for each other. The staff are warm and welcoming, and highly proficient educators. We feel that this school is truly unique; our son moved from the State system where he was struggling both socially and academically, and he has in no time at all been transformed into a more confident and happier child. The daily meditation program instils valuable life skills, and the smaller classes provide a much more nurturing, individualised learning environment which all children would benefit greatly from.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to share with you what I believe is the most important aspect of my children’s school journey. Every teacher has been willing to meet with me and I have been thrilled to discover that they have all been so passionate, creative, and so committed to my children’s education and wellbeing. This is priceless to me. I’m about to have my eldest son transition to High School and I am thrilled and delighted in knowing what a tremendous blessing Maharishi has been for his growth and education.”

“I would like to take this opportunity as the year is coming to a close to express my gratitude to the school for being a stable and nurturing environment for my two daughters. Maharishi School has been a second home for my girls and they have had a very rewarding experience from prep to year 6. I am often complimented on their behaviour, maturity and consciousness of others. I feel Maharishi School has made a great contribution to moulding their little moral compass and has given them the structure and stability to feel safe and valued in a good learning environment. I’m grateful my girls have enjoyed and benefited from the teachers and staff. I am grateful to the many friendships that have been forged and will remain. I will always highly recommend Maharishi School to anyone.”

“Thank you for manifesting your vision of a warm, inviting and wholesome school, where students are seen as whole people.”

“We write to you today to extend our gratitude for the excellent education Maharishi School is providing to our three children. We are a family whose children have had 11 combined years of education at Maharishi School. Our three children are all progressing beautifully across all aspects of their development – academic, social and emotional. Our children love going to Maharishi School each day – they feel safe and supported in the classroom by the wonderful teachers who are nurturing their growth, they are stimulated by the curriculum and diversity of classes they experience each week and the fulfilling friendships across year levels and amongst their own peers. What we value so highly about Maharishi School’s philosophy is the commitment to the growth of each child in their own individual way.”

“Maharishi School offers a unique experience for students and parents. It’s a real community school. The children are instilled with a feeling of responsibility towards each other and themselves as part of their wider community. They feel safe, valued and supported, and so do I as a parent.” 

“I am very grateful that Maharishi School has created an oasis for the children to flourish and grow and become the amazing individuals they were meant to be.”