School Community

School Community

We have welcomed parental involvement at our school in 2016 through the Parents & Friends Association, attendance at school excursions and in the development of our new library. The PFA has organised several events to encourage the development of even greater community spirit. Our parent community has certainly been active in its presence around the school.

The parents have established a dynamic team to lead the PFA and to enthuse our parent body to become engaged participants in the activities that are planned during the school year. We enjoyed having the involvement of parents at an Action & Vision Workshop earlier in the year where a multitude of ideas were generated under the two focus areas for the PFA in 2016 – Community Spirit & Fundraising.

An opportunity to do some voluntary work in our newly-created Library was also offered and embraced by parents. Parents provided assistance, under the direction of our staff, to sort and categorise the reading material. We have now established a school library of which we are proud and continue to build on the collection of books for our students who also help us identify the gaps in material.

Special events organised by the PFA this year include:

  • Healing and Celebration Ceremony
  • Mother’s Day Breakfast
  • Father’s Day Breakfast
  • Trivia Night
  • Loose Change Collection
  • Student Disco

Parents have added great value to our school programs by participating in school activities and excursions to:

  • Scienceworks
  • IMAX and Carlton/Fitzroy Gardens
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Hoop Time
  • School Production
  • Book Week
  • Swimming Program

The parents of our students are respected and embraced for the value they bring to our school; for their participation in enhancing the experiences of their children and our staff; and for strengthening the link between school and home.

The Maharishi School Alumnus is a key group of past students that support Maharishi School’s goals, strengthen the ties between alumni, the community and Maharishi School, foster a spirit of loyalty and promote the general welfare of the school.

The objectives of the Maharishi School Alumnus are to:

  • Establish a strong network of alumni
  • Maintain an ongoing connectedness with the school
  • Develop an awareness in the broader community of the positive influence of Maharishi School on the life of its alumni
  • Provide opportunities for Transcendental Meditation to continue to be an important part of the lives of our alumni.

Special events and gatherings are held throughout the year at Maharishi School to facilitate the opportunity for our Alumnus group to achieve their goals.