Newsletter 2

Dear Parents and Students,

Beginning our 20th Year Celebrations 2017 will be a year to celebrate the achievements of our wonderful school over a 20-year period.

There have been so many people over those years who have contributed to developing this school as a leader in Consciousness-Based Education and Transcendental Meditation. We are inviting a select group of these people to join us in welcoming Dr Bevan Morris to our school on Monday 27th February.

After 36 years as president of Maharishi University of Management, Dr Morris retired from the position in September last year. Dr Morris went to Maharishi University of Management at the suggestion of Maharishi in 1979, and was named     president in 1980. He spent a number of years working closely with Maharishi.
Dr Morris has recently taken on a new role as International President of Maharishi Universities of Management. In this capacity he will help create more Consciousness-Based universities and build collaborations with other institutions globally. He also has a role as Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, which includes helping to oversee Transcendental Meditation organisations in countries around the world.

Even as he led the University, Dr Morris played a leadership role worldwide, working with Maharishi on projects and leading many conferences and assemblies held over the years. He has travelled to more than 100 countries, meeting leaders in  government, business, and science, as well as with international leaders of Transcendental Meditation organisations,  students at Consciousness-Based Education schools, and alumni and friends of Maharishi University of Management.

As a school, we are honoured and excited to host Dr Morris for the day. We will undoubtedly gain further insight from him about how Consciousness-Based Education and Transcendental Meditation is impacting so positively on people and communities around the world.

The schedule for his visit is being finalised but at this stage we are keen to gain the interest of and invite everyone in our school community to join us on the morning of Monday 27th for school community-focused activities.  These include: 9.00am School Assembly 9.30am Presentation to parents from Dr Morris 10.00am Parent Meditation Session 10.30am  Morning Tea with parents and staff 11.00am 20 Years Celebration Inauguration (Cake lighting & wishes with students, staff, guests & parents)   Following these school community activities, Dr Morris will spend time with me, join School Council members and guests for lunch and then spend the afternoon visiting and speaking with our students in their classrooms. He will then end his day by attending the General Staff Meeting after school.

Attached to the email with this newsletter is a separate flyer that promotes Dr Bevan’s appearance at a session for the general public, hosted by our school this Saturday 25th February.  Dr Morris will present moving short videos and slides from many of the countries he has visited in recent years – videos of the students whose lives are being transformed by Consciousness-Based Education, including students in Bali, Thailand, India, Nepal, UK, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Jamaica and in Melbourne.

Student Leadership
After a very impressive leadership interview process, we are pleased to announce the Student Leadership Team for 2017. Please join the staff and me in congratulating the Year 6 students on their achievements in preparing such  articulate, professional and considered applications for the leadership positions in the school. We value all of our  students and look forward to enjoying their contribution to their school community both as individuals and as members of a leadership team.

Leadership roles are allocated and awarded on the following criteria:  1. Previous contributions to school life;
2. Demonstration of commitment to school life and school values;
3. Performance in interview;
4. Feedback from teaching and support staff.
5. Consideration of readiness to perform the role and the opportunity for the job to ‘stretch’, not ‘strain’ the student

School Captains (including portfolios of Peace and Joy):  

We invite you all to attend our special School Assembly on Monday 27th February for a presentation ceremony for the Year 6 leadership position-holders. We are looking forward to a wonderful year with our Student Leadership Team for 2017! Our next newsletter will highlight the leadership opportunities and roles we create for our Year 5 students.

Term One Class Captains:
Congratulations to our Term One Class Captains in the Pearls and the Diamonds classes.

Pearls: Amelie Brunton & Phoebe Fredericks
Diamonds: Kizmet Omerogullari & Veer Shah

Parent/Teacher Interviews Parent/Teacher Interviews will be conducted during the day on Thursday 2nd March. Please ensure you book your  appointments with teachers by either visiting the school and completing the Appointment Sheets located on the table on the verandah of the Administration Building or sending in your Appointment Request to the Office so we can  complete the process for you. If you are unable to attend on the day, please contact the teachers to arrange an . alternative time.A reminder that we are introducing a Child Care Program for the day or ½ day for those families who are unable to make alternative arrangements for their children

Magpie Rookie Program I have enrolled our school to participate in the Collingwood Football Club “Magpie Rookie Program”. Our students will have two age-appropriate coaching sessions on either 6th, 8th, 10th March. Students attending the District Athletics Day won’t be affected as they will be included in an alternative session during that week.

The Magpie Rookie Schools Program offers our students the opportunity for a game development officer to visit our school to deliver a series of skills and educational-based clinics.

Where students enjoy and accomplish more                  n                                                                                        Term 1

The program will cover the fundamental skills of Australian Rules football in a positive and fun-filled environment.

The Magpie Rookie Program is free and includes:  3 x 2 – 45 minute clinics delivered on-site  A complimentary Magpie Rookie Pack (includes pencil case, poster, stickers) for each student participating in the program  25 complimentary tickets to pre-allocated Collingwood Football Club home game  Tour of the Holden Centre (time subject to availability)
Even a Carlton supporter like me is prepared to swallow his pride and put aside his allegiance for the benefit of our  students!! The things we do!!!

School Athletics Trials & District Athletics Day The District Athletics Day is on Wednesday 8th March at the Meadowglen Athletics Track in Epping.

In 2017, our very first competition will see us start with a moderately small involvement with the plan to build this up over the next few years. Our school will send participants for some of the running events – individual and relay, while we also plan to attempt the Tunnel Ball and Crossball team games.

Parents of participating students will be notified next week and are welcome to attend as spectators on the day.

Keon Park Tennis Club I have held preliminary discussions with the Keon Park Tennis Club to continue our involvement in the Coaching  Program throughout 2017. That would be an enormous bonus for our students and our school. Jacqui, Barbara, John and the other coaches have been extraordinarily generous and accommodating to our school and I have assured them we would do what we can to show them our gratitude.

I’d like to start by encouraging all our families whose children participate in the program to now support Keon Park  Tennis Club and attend their Open Day this Sunday 26th February. We have attached the Open Day Flyer to the email containing this newsletter.

Steve Charisis

Parents & Friends Association Parents & Friends Association (PFA) – Term 1 Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017    Dear Parents and Carers,  Please mark your social diaries for our PFA AGM and “Meet & Greet” event.

As per the PFA constitution (attached), the AGM is the time that the PFA executive committee is elected. If you are  interested in filling any of the positions (President, Vice-President, Treasurer or Secretary), please review the  constitution for a description of roles and responsibilities, then complete the attached nomination form.

All nomination forms need to be completed and returned it to the office by 3:30pm, Thursday 9, March. Any forms that are incomplete or late will not be considered.

The evening will also involve a meet and greet activity while the votes are being counted. This is an opportunity for  families, teachers and staff to mingle and get to know one another. Please prepare a vegetarian dish to share that  reflects your culture or culinary abilities.

Please RSVP at the office so we can organise enough assistance with child care arrangements.

PFA Annual General Meeting:

Time:  6:00pm to 7:30pm  Date:  Thursday 09, March 2017  Where:  Maharishi School – General Purpose Building  Children:  Child care available.

The proposed agenda is as follows:

  • Principa’s welcome– Steve Charisis (5 mins).
  • Review and endorse previous minutes– Joe Agati (5 mins).
  • Treasurer’s report– Maria Louise (5 mins).
  • Executive Committee Election– Joe Agati (15 mins).
  • Meet and Greet Activity (while votes are being counted) (40 mins).
  • Announce and present 2017 committee members– Joe Agati (20 mins)
  • Close Meeting

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


PFA Executive Committee
Joe Agati (President)
Angelo Halarakis (Secretary)
Maria-Louise Culcasi (Treasurer)
Steve Charisis (Principal)

happyBirthday News Happy Birthday to the following students who have either  celebrated or about to celebrate their birthday:
Happy 6th Birthday to: Josh (Pearls)
Happy 10th Birthday to: Ajasbi (Emeralds)

Library News
It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the library with lots of students coming up at lunchtime – reading, drawing, playing games and using computers.  There has also been a lot of book borrowing which has been fantastic!  Just a reminder that books can be borrowed for 2 weeks – see Mrs Burnham if you need longer.

The cataloguing of all the library books is well underway.  I am looking for parent volunteers to come in and stick spine  labels on the catalogued books and re-shelve books.  If you have any spare time on a Monday-Wednesday please let me know.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Susie Burnham

As we say at the beginning of every class, each time we walk through the door to the music room, we become musicians, and becoming a musician requires certain transformations. While a magical transformation is always promised, no  dramatic change ever happens as they walk through that door because each student is an inherently musical being who brings a unique and valid musical experience to share with the class. As musicians in the music classroom we are learning how to “hear things that other people can’t hear”; listening for expression through sound, how to identify and think critically about sound and how to be an audience for others. We are also learning how to “say things in a way that makes people  listen”; students learn through song, they learn how to play instruments, they experience performance and they learn and use musical terms and conventions.

As their teacher, I have enjoyed watching the unique creativity that each child brings to the class activities, how they have grown since the year before and how they share that growth with their new class. Each class have steadily added to their repertoire of songs. Pearls have played musical frogs, hidden from kangaroos and danced with bees. Diamonds have been carried away with ukuleles and rockin’ rhythms. Emeralds have explored score reading, and dabbled with some iconic  Aussie rock.

We look forward to sharing these musical experiences with you throughout the year.

Katrina Wilson O’Brien
Music Teacher