Maharishi School, Reservoir: Newsletter #7

Principal’s Report

Administration Building – Official Opening Ceremony

In conjunction with the Federal Government, our school will conduct an official Opening Ceremony for our new Administra- tion Building. The event will take place on Monday 30th May at 11.00am. We have invited all members of our school com- munity as well as TM and community leaders to attend.
Senator Bridget McKenzie will be representing the Federal Government for the occasion. We hope you can make it to this special event. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience to assist us with our catering arrangements.

Sand Tables

Most children appreciate activities that are tactile in nature. It is important that we understand what motivates and engages children in their academic, social and physical development. We continue to add to the opportunities we give our students to explore these aspects of their development by introducing our “Sand Tables”.

The Sand Tables, in addition to having fine sand that children enjoy running through their fingers and swirling around the table top, are home to beautiful ceramic figures that children use to create towns/villages/cities. Initial observations indi- cate that Maharishi School may very well be the home to the next generation of City Planners and Landscape Designers. (see photos on Page 4)
Landscape Plan
Members of our school staff and I have met with Hayley Valentine and Alison Umbers, who are two of the newer parent members of our school community, to explore their professional and personal interests in the future landscaping of our school.
We are investigating both short and longer-term plans that will see our school grounds transformed into a visually appealing but also highly engaging environment for students, staff and parents.
In the near future, I will be seeking our school community’s assistance with preparation of garden beds for planting and then the planting process itself. I hope this is something that our Maharishi School families will embrace and become in- volved so that we can all enjoy continuing to build our community spirit while developing the grounds that will create such pride and benefit to us all.
Class Captains – Term 2
We had a wonderful assembly last week when our first group of Class Captains was announced.
Congratulations to:
Maeve Jones (Pearls)
Noah Constable (Pearls)
Natasha Agati (Diamonds) Andrew Emmanuelle (Diamonds)
This week our Class Captains will meet with me
to discuss their role and learn how to run their class meetings so they can share their ideas at
the Student Representative Council (SRC) meetings.
Steve Charisis
Where students enjoy and accomplish more
Proud Families
Maharishi School Alumni
All former students of Maharishi School are warmly invited to join the Maharishi School Alumni. The first meeting will be an afternoon tea on Sunday the 5th June at 2pm. Meetings, which will include a group meditation, will then be held on the first Sunday of each month at 2pm. These meeting will give past students a chance to re-establish former friendships and make new ones while helping to plan activities for our 20th Anniversary celebration.
Please forward this invitation to any former students with whom you are in contact.
Frances Clarke
Key Dates
Emeralds Parliament Excursion
Friday 20th May
Administration Building Opening Ceremony
Monday 30th May
Report Writing Day (Pupil-Free Day)
Friday 10th June
Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Monday 13th June
Scienceworks Excursion
Tuesday 14th June
Hoop Time (Diamonds)
Wednesday 15th June
School Open Day
Thursday 16th June
Hoop Time (Minis)
Monday 20th June
End Term 2 (Students)
Thursday 23rd June
End Term 2 (Staff)
Friday 24th June
Begin Term 3
Monday 11th July
Where students enjoy and accomplish more n Term 1

Mother’s Day Breakfast
We were thrilled with the number of mums, grandmothers and special friends who attended our first Mother’s Day Break- fast last week. The students took great pride in looking after their special visitors – serving them cups of coffee/tea and tasty pastries.

Sand Table Constructions
Where students enjoy and accomplish more n Term 1

From the Art Room
This term, the Emeralds and the Diamonds were introduced to the works and personal life of French artist, Henri Rousseau (1844 – 1910). Apart from viewing and discussing his imaginative and colourful jungle scenes, the students learnt a lot about the importance of perseverance, imagination and determination when it comes to being an artist. Henri Rousseau was self-taught and initially ridiculed for his dream like pieces. However, he never gave up and is now recognised as a geni- us whose works are of extremely high artistic quality. The full display of the children’s art work, which was based on Henri Rousseau’s jungle scenes will be available to see at our Art Show (later this term), but here is a sneak peek at some pieces. As always, it has been a pleasure to work with your children in this area.

50 Years of Play School
As part of our History unit about ‘Change’, The Pearls have spent some time this week looking at old and new episodes of the iconic children’s television show – Play School, which turns 50 this year. We have discussed the things that have stayed the same, such as Big Ted, Jemima and the Rocket Clock and the things that have changed, such as presenters (Benita was my favourite) and the addition of a new window – the diamond one. Please enjoy some adorable images created by the children