Maharishi School, Reservoir: Newsletter #6

Principal’s Report

Enhancing Your Child’s Experience – Student Leadership at Maharishi School

Our current Student Leadership model has given opportunities for our Year 5/6 Students to experience leadership positions such as School Captains/Vice-Captains, Ministerial and Assistant Ministerial roles. These students have already provided enormous value to our school. They have shared in many duties such as speaking at our assemblies and working closely with their teachers and Principal to play an important ambassadorial role within our school and wider community.

Our staff have reviewed the current Student Leadership model and we concluded that there was great merit in having more students within the school access a position of leadership. Beginning next week, there will be two students from each class (Pearls & Diamonds) selected by their teacher to take on the new role of Class Captain. These students will hold the position for one term only and thus allow the appointment of two new students in subsequent terms. Students will be recognised by the special badge that they will wear on their school uniform throughout the term in addition to the Class Captain certificate that is presented to them to acknowledge this important role. This new initiative will give the opportunity to 4 students each term to hold a position that has a great deal of importance within the school.

At Maharishi School, the Student Leadership Pro- gram aims to develop leadership, team work, initiative and organisational skills amongst students by providing opportunities for students to display these skills in a range of activities at class- room and school level. Students are expected to set a strong, personal example to other students by their manner and actions, both in and out of class.


To give students an opportunity to develop personal leadership skills.
To encourage students to have a voice in the ongoing development of their school.
To provide student involvement in a range of activities throughout the school.
To involve a high proportion of the entire student population in a position of leadership in any given school year.

The criteria used by staff were that the child should either already display or have the potential to display personal qualities that allow them to:
 Represent their class by being a spokesperson on occasions involving guests to their class, excursions/incursions and other class functions
 Conduct class meetings so student opinion can be presented to the Student Representative Council (chaired by the School Captains) and also attended by the Principal.
 Fulfill the duties given to them by their class teacher
 Promote a positive attitude to their classmates with all social and academic issues
 Demonstrate responsible behaviour as a role model for other students

Communicate effectively, in particular speaking and listening

The Class Captains will be presented with their badge and certificate at next Monday’s Assembly (Monday 9th May) We hope this initiative shows our young people that when they are entrusted with responsibility, they will develop personal qualities that will assist them in all aspects of their life.


The National Assessment Program – Literacy And Numeracy for our Year 3 & 5 students is scheduled for next week. The school supports the aim of NAPLAN testing to assist us gather further information about our students’ performance, measured against National Benchmarks.

NAPLAN tests are one aspect of our school’s assessment and reporting process; they do not replace the extensive ongoing assessments made by our teachers about each student’s performance.

You will receive an information brochure with further details about NAPLAN but if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me, Mrs Watt or Ms Russell.

The NAPLAN timetable is:

Harmony Day

Parents & Friends Association (PFA)

(a) Community Spirit – Healing and Celebration Ceremony.

On Sunday 10, April Parents and Friends cam together for our first community spirit event. The theme was Healing and Celebration.
The day began with a group meditation outside, followed by an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate successes, and to acknowledge and let go negative feelings and emotions. After our reflection the group came together and each family created a mandella in the shape of a heart out of flowers, fruit, seeds, legumes and fruits. All of the individual man della’s were combined to create one big group heart mandella. We then planted a beautiful magnolia to mark the occasion and scattered the pieces of the mandella around the tree. Our day ended with a delicious vegetarian lunch and socialising with a great group of people. It was a truly energising and uplifting event. A very big special thank you to Pina Lic ciardino, for leading and coordinating the event and to the team of helpers who dedicated their time to make the event a real success.

(b) Spare Change Fundraiser –

A PFA Fundraiser for our school.

Over the past two weeks, our students’ pockets and bags have been jingling with the sound of coins that have been donated to further assist our Library redevelopment with the purchase of new books. We have all been thrilled with t he support we have received from our school community with this PFA initiative. I’m thrilled to tell you that you have helped us raise close to $700!!

All our classes did a fabulous job but the class that has earned themselves a Pizza Lunch for their efforts is the Diamonds (Yr 3/4). Congratulations and thank you to everyone for your support.

Tuesday 10 May
Wednesday 11 May
Thursday 12 May

Year 3
Language Conventions (40min) Writing (40min)
Reading (45min)
Numeracy (45min)

Year 5
Language Conventions (40min) Writing (40min)
Reading (50min)
Numeracy (50min)

It was so heartening to see the number of children who immediately took a liking to our new ly renovated sandpit. The combination of new sleepers to define the space, topped with fresh sand, immediately attracted the children to begin their free-play with much enthusiasm and creativity.
This is just a small first step in our planning for our school grounds where we intend to define a range of areas on the site that will enable our students to move between the passive to the very active spaces.

Steve Charisis


On Friday the 22nd of April the Year 5/6 class (Emeralds) went on an excursion to the Grip Leadership Conference at the Moonee Valley Race- course.
It was a great experience for me; we learnt lots of new things such as leadership trees and what the qualities of them were. We also focused on bullying and how it can hurt others and we did some fun activities for combating it. We also learnt that a traffic light can actually be used for leadership! It was great to see a lot of schools participating – there were about twenty different schools enjoying that lovely day.

I really enjoyed it and I learnt a lot about leadership

Yours kindly Mikayla Gioskos School Captain

School Choir

All students in Grades 2 – 6 are invited to be a part of the school choir. Sing with your friends and journey the world through song. The next rehearsal is this Thursday at 12:20 in the Music Room.

Last Friday we had Harmony Day. It was a great day and everyone had fun.

We started by having a shared lunch. Everyone brought in a plate of something. All the food was delicious. It was great to see students, parents and teacher and our special guests from Cambodia all eating together.

After the lunch we split into groups to do our three activities. Our first activity was some African dancing with Miss Brady. We had lots of fun doing all the moves. It was a harvest dance so there were moves to do with gathering and digging.

Another activity was rock painting with Mrs Watt and Ms Russell. Everyone did their own design and they were all outstanding! All the rocks will be put together to form a rock garden and we all can’t wait for that! The third activity was painting a mural. Everyone chose two colours to paint their hands with and then they printed them onto a tree Ms James had painted. Overall, it was a great day. The slogan for the day was “Unity through Diversity”. Everyone had loads of fun!

Esther Jones (Minister in Training – Peace)