Maharishi School, Reservoir: Newsletter #4

Principal’s Report

Dear Parents and Students,

As Term One comes to an end, I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge all members of our school community for your transition into the 2016 school year in a manner which has displayed incredible support and commitment to the school and for the changes that were made over the summer months.

It has been a term of change, consolidation, regeneration, repositioning, reconnecting, but most importantly, a realignment with the values, philosophy and principles that are the foundation of this school.

Staff are the greatest asset of any organisation. At our school, we have begun the year with a School Council, teaching and administration teams that have welcomed and embraced the changes that have followed with the appointment of a new principal. For that, I am incredibly grateful and hold all these people in the highest regard for their resilience and their positive outlook. You can give people respect but we all know that the most valuable is the respect that is earned. They have all earned mine, individually and collectively.

Our parent community has been active in its presence around the school. My aim of meeting with each family has been fulfilled, providing me with an insight into thoughts and experiences that is only possible when you take the time to truly listen to someone. We have welcomed parental involvement through the Parents & Friends Association, attendance at school excursions and in the development of our new library. The PFA is organising several events so we look forward to everyone’s involvement.

The students have been a delight! I can honestly say that in my 30+ years in education, I have never experienced a more cohesive student population. They are a credit to their parents, their teachers and Maharishi School. Our school community obviously lives by values that are aligned between home and school.

Our student leaders are learning the importance of leadership – how to lead and represent others. Their focus this year will be in three areas: Students, School and Community. They have already suggested and will be organising events that bring fun and happiness to students as well as planning activities that bring happiness and joy to others in the community.

Thank you for making my first term at Maharishi School so personally and professionally fulfilling. I wish you all a safe and happy holiday period with your families.

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VRQA Review
This week our school welcomes two reviewers from the VRQA who are conducting a site visit to evaluate our school against the VRQA Minimum Standards for schools. The staff of the school have been wonderful in collating the relevant information in readiness for the reviewers. I will update you over the coming weeks.

School Community Marketing Group
The School Council and I would like to form a Marketing Sub- Committee that will be given the support to undertake the creation and implementation of a new marketing strategy for our school.
I would like to identify school staff, parents, friends and students who can all contribute to this initiative and have skills that can add value in the following areas:

• Identifying new opportunities for the school
• Consolidating and improving relationships with existing families and reconnecting with alumni of the school.
• Building our ‘brand’ in the education sector and local community – its legitimacy, identity and unique qualities and differences that make it stand apart from other schools.
• Spreading knowledge about our school through awareness raising campaigns.

If you believe you have the skills and qualities to become part of this group, please send me a brief “Expression of Interest – Marketing Group” to (by Monday 11th April). I would love to hear from you and have you as part of a group of about 6-8 people. In addition, if you know of someone who has extensive formal marketing experience (Product Manager, Marketing Manager, etc.) who would like to contribute a little of their time to our school, then I’d welcome their interest.

Facilities & works over the holiday period
The school holiday period always gives us an opportunity to more freely undertake work around the school. Leading up to and including this holiday period, we have/will:

• Redeveloped our newly-acquired land next door
• Started planning for the establishment of our new “Community Library” upstairs in our new Administration building.
• Setting up a Sick Bay area in the current staffroom
• Planning the relocation of the current staffroom
• Lowered the monkey bars on the larger play equipment to make them accessible to more students
• Refreshed the “soft fall” mulch under the play equipment to ensure it meets our safety requirements
• More detailed cleaning of the school facilities.

There will undoubtedly much more that together we achieve and celebrate in Term 2. I can’t wait!!

Science Fun!
This week in Ms Astons class we learnt about animals and the different environments they live in.

Did you know…
A group of frogs is called an ‘army’? (A group of toads is called a ‘knot’.)

Did you know…
Snakes don’t have eyelids.

Maharishi Policies and Procedures

Arriving late to school or leaving early?
Commencing Term 2 when a student arrives late to school or needs to leave early parents and careers must first come to the office and sign their child in/out in our new log book. Our friendly admin team can help you.

Other School Policies
Parents should be aware that all school policies are available to view at the general office.

Dear Meditators

Just to let you know a few events taking place soon.

This weekend – Easter Sunday – we are aiming to have a large group meditation for the 6pm group meditation at Maharishi School in Reservoir.

Larry will be speaking about the value of advanced techniques and dinner can follow it for anyone who would wish to stay.

Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems will be available over the school holiday period. Please phone me if you would like to enjoy this beautiful modality from Maharishi Ayuveda. Cost is $440 for one hour over three days or $198 for one hour over one day. Please see the above link for more information on MLG and it’s health benefits.

Advanced techniques will be taught over the 8th and 9th of April. Larry will be talking about this on Sunday evening and anyone in- terested can also register then as well.

Next Residence Course is on the Anzac Day weekend and is filling very fast!!

I hope to see you this Sunday night at our big group meditation!

All best wishes

Ps Other group meditation events to look out for:

• April 3rd at 3pm coffee at Botanic Gardens Lakeside Cafe and walk in the park before 5pm group meditation at St Kilda Road Centre.
• Essendon Group Meditation at the Niddrie Library, 6pm on the 7th and 21st of April.

As well as:
• Every Sunday at 6pm at Reservoir (Corner of Dundee and Hickford Streets).
• Every Monday at 6pm and Wednesday at 12.30pm at St Kilda Road Centre (Seasons Hotel, 348 St Kilda Road).

Steve Charisis