Maharishi School, Reservoir: Newsletter #3

Principal’s Report

Dear Parents and Students,

The Student Leadership Program at the school this year will give students the opportunity to become more involved in the life of their school and take a leading and active role in their area of responsibility. Ms Russell and I will assist the students to outline what specific duties are involved in their role and how they can translate this to a practical application.

Congratulations to all our Student Leaders.

School Captains: Mikayla Gioskos & Ravi Ahir Vice
Captains: Leni Mihos & Minh-Tam Nguyen-Trinh

The four school captains will share responsibility for the portfolios of Peace, External Affairs and Youth.

Our other school leaders are:
Minister for the Environment: Gokulan Kobby
Minister for Sport: Emily Agati
Minister for Joy: Gabriel Chiodo
Minister for the Arts: Jhanm Omerogullari
Minister for ICT (Technology): Abhijeet Saini

Minister in Training role (Year 5 responsibilities)
ICT (Technology): Joshua Halarakis
Environment: Zaid Licciardino
Youth: Mekayla Marinelli
Peace: Esther Jones
Sport: Madhumita Kobby

Hickford St Site Update
Plans are currently being finalised for the development of our newly acquired land. Here is a brief summary of plans and recent events.

• The acquisition and clearing of the property was delayed be- cause of the time taken by the owner to remove his considerable possessions (and the process involved in applying for stamp duty exemption). The property was finally vacated on the 4th February.

• The plan to complete demolition during the summer holidays had to be rescheduled for the reasons stated above.

• In order to complete demolition at a time that is least disruptive to the school, demolition has now been scheduled for the Easter school holidays.

• Soil testing will be carried out during the school holidays.

• Once the soil testing process is finalised, the planting of trees and shrubs can proceed along fence lines and surfacing of the play area can proceed.

• A new storage shed will be constructed during the school holidays. The screen between the properties will be shifted to the eastern boundary.

• A locked gate is being installed between 94 Hickford St and the school so that access is available for the storage shed contractors

Cultural Diversity at Maharishi
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.26.45 PMPart of the process I have undertaken to become more knowledgeable and familiar with our school community has been to investigate the cultural diversity within our school.

Did you know that, according to the information supplied to us by parents, our Maharishi School community is enriched by 12 different cultural origins? We have 1st and 2nd generation students and parents whose families’ heritage includes:

Albania, Australia, Canada, Greece, India, Iran, Italy, Macedonia, Malaysia, South Africa, Spain and Vietnam.

Maharishi is certainly a reflection of the cultural diversity we enjoy in Australia. We are indeed a lucky school (and lucky country).

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews
In 2016 our school is committed to providing you with a range of information throughout the year to report on, support and guide your child’s learning. We believe that the end of Term One is a good time to invite you to the school to speak with your child’s teachers about your child’s transition into the new school year and their observations in relation to academic performance, attitude, social development and goal setting. Teachers will have records of assessment tasks and work samples to support their discussions with you.

Interviews (10-15 minutes duration) will be held on Wednesday 23rd March and it is expected that all parents will attend. Students in Years 4/5/6 will also be invited to attend with their parents.

Teachers may also make themselves available for these interviews on Monday 21st and/or Tuesday 22nd after school. Individual teachers’ availability will be communicated to you in the letter to be sent to you this week, while the additional times will initially be made available for parents who may have difficulty attending on Wednesday.

Parental Involvement

We will be welcoming greater parental involvement at the school in 2016.

Our first step has been to establish a dynamic team to lead the PFA and to enthuse our parent body to become active participants in the activities that will be planned. We recently enjoyed having the involvement of 16 parents at the Action & Vision Workshop. There were a multitude of ideas generated under the two focus areas for the PFA – Community Spirit & Fundraising. The initiatives will be prioritised and announced soon.

Our next step has been to see how parents can become more involved in the “life of the school”.
Mrs Watt is taking her class on an excursion to the Botanical Gardens during the final week of term. She has asked parents to express their interest in attending as adult supervisors and assistants for the day. I am happy to say she has been inundated with offers from the Year 3&4 parents. We will be selecting only the number we require for this excursion but will ensure that everyone who has an interest in attending an excursion in the future, is given the opportunity to do so.

An opportunity to do some voluntary work in our newly-created Library is also now available for parents. This will involve parents providing assistance, under the direction of our staff, to sort and categorise the reading material. If you are interested in assisting us with this initial set-up, we would be happy to receive your interest via email to

We have not set any specific dates or times as yet because we would firstly like to establish the interest and availability of our parents to contribute their time. Would you please include in the email the times you are available and perhaps any relevant experience you may have within the scope of this task.

Steve Charisis