Archived: Newsletter #8 04/06/2019

Principal’s Report:

I recently read an article that gave an overview of social and emotional intelligence, and particularly the desired behaviours in children related to their stage of development. In the table below is the growth in the development we would expect to see in primary-aged children from Year Prep to Year 6. Our observations over the years at our school reinforce to us that Maharishi’s Behavioural Rasayanas, which are embedded in our school and include the practice of Transcendental Meditation, develop our students’ self-esteem and happiness, making our students even better prepared to achieve these benchmarks. Patterns of behaviour that enliven bliss in us all, because they promote ways of thinking and acting that are in harmony with Natural Law, can only be a positive and uplifting influence to ourselves and everyone around us.

(Acknowledgement: Chinner, Kate. Social and Emotional Behaviours Rubric [online]. TLN Journal, Vol. 25, No. 3, Nov 2018: 14-18. )

Beginning Year Prep
 Express emotions
 An understanding of simple emotions such as sad, angry, happy, fear
 Express their emotions to adults
 Begin to identify how others are feeling

Begin to initiate and join in play
Beginning to understand appropriate behaviour in familiar settings
 Begin to initiate conversations
 Needs assistance to self-regulate: with impulses and negative emotions
 Begins to understand that there are consequences for their actions
 Has a positive attitude towards most parts of the day
 Feels comfortable in familiar situations and develops understanding of unfamiliar situations
 Begin to reflect on their actions
 Respond appropriately to others

Social Awareness
Displays empathy using basic language
 Begins to respond with others’ similarities and differences
 Begins to explore how others express and respond to different emotions
 Uses some non-verbal cues to show empathy

Relationship Skills
Begins to take turns talking and listening to others
 Engage is some shared play experiences
 Seeks help during difficulties
 Shows interest in other children and being in a group
 Begin to establish and maintain respectful relationships

Year 3
Express a range of emotions, thoughts and views in context
 Good understanding of a range of emotions such as frustrated, disappointed in comfortable settings and associated language
 Identify feelings of others and the impact of their actions

Initiate and join in play effectively
 Good understanding of appropriate behaviour in a range of settings
 Self-regulate effectively
 Identify and accepts there are consequences for their actions
 Mostly positive attitude toward others and school
 Adapts to new situations or changes in routine with some assistance
 Takes steps to solve simple conflicts and with assistance can solve bigger issues

Social Awareness
Very good understanding of how others express and respond to a range of emotions
 Recognises similarities and differences of others
 Attempts to respond sensitively to the feelings of others
 Can use a range of non-verbal communication to show empathy depending on the situation

Relationship Skills
Take turns talking and listening to others
 Begin to ask others for help during difficulties
 Shows interest in peers and being in a group
 Begin to establish and maintain respectful relationships with educators and peers.

Completing Year 6
Express a wide range of emotions, thoughts and views constructively across a range of situations
 Very good understanding of a range of emotions and experimenting with a range of language such as frustrated, disappointed, etc. in familiar settings and beginning in new settings

Knowledge and understanding of behaviour that constitutes bullying
 A good understanding of appropriate behaviour in a range of settings and beginning to reflect on negative behaviour
 Is beginning to self-regulate effectively with assistance
 Identifies and accepts there are consequences for their actions
 Has a positive attitude toward others, learning and school most of the time
 Understands and begins to

Social Awareness
 Identify and aware of others’ feelings through observation, discussion and thoughtfulness
 Understand and respect for diverse, contexts, traditions and practices- religious beliefs and celebrations or people with disabilities
 Awareness of events that cause suffering for people in other communities and countries
 Beginning to use a range of non-verbal communication to show empathy depending on the situation

Relationship Skills
 Knowledge of potential conflict in social relationships
 Knowledge of range of strategies for maintaining peer relationships
 Beginning to understand peer influences
 Establish and maintain respectful relationships
 Can solve simple conflicts and begins to think about appropriate strategies to use to solve bigger issues

Report Writing Day
This coming weekend will be a long weekend for our school community.
Monday is the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday, while Tuesday is a student-free day set aside for staff to write student reports. We look forward to seeing everyone return to school on Wednesday.
Division Cross Country Championships
On behalf of our school community, I would like to wish Sara, Noah and Sehaj the best of luck as they compete against students from other districts on Wednesday 5th June at Bundoora Park.

Key Dates
Wed 5th June (Sports Uniform Day) Divisional Cross Country Championships (Bundoora Park)/Homework Club (3.30-5.00pm)
Thurs 6th June Boite Choir Rehearsal (3.30-4.30pm) – After School Care available 4.30-5.30
Fri 7th June (Sports Uniform Day) PIT Gymnastics/Student Lunch Day
Mon 10th June Queens Birthday Public Holiday (School Closed)
Tues 11th June Staff Report Writing Day (Student-Free Day- School Closed)
Wed 12th June (Sports Uniform Day) Homework Club (3.30-5.00pm)
Thurs 13th June Boite Choir Rehearsal (3.30-4.30pm) – After School Care available 4.30-5.30
Fri 14th June (Sports Uniform Day) PIT Gymnastics/Student Lunch Day

Stopping All Stations!!
The students enjoy visiting the Principal’s Office during Wet Day Timetables to be creative with Lego, jigsaw puzzles or just to draw pictures that end up on the Office windows. In recent days the school received model trains from Metro that many students have constructed and taken home. They’ve had lots of fun !!

TM Centre News
The following information is provided to our school community, on behalf of the TM Centre:
From mid-March to August, Vata is the dominant seasonal dosha. Even for those of us with less Vata in our make-up, it is important to take steps to keep Vata in balance during this time because of its seasonal influence. If you are interested in either a half day seminar on “Good Health through Maharishi Ayurveda”, attending the 8 lesson course on Ayurveda or for advice tailored specifically to your unique state of balance or imbalance, it is good to have a personal consultation with a Maharishi Vedic Health Educator (Faye Shepherd), ideally at the beginning of each season. For appointments, contact Faye on 0400161921 or the Maharishi Vedic Centre at Maharishi School on 94623661
The following events are available to members & friends of our school community:
 Queens Birthday One Day Meditation Retreat – Monday 10th June 8am – 6pm
 June Residential Weekend Meditation Retreat (Lower Plenty: June Friday 14th -Sunday 16th )
– Future dates: July 19-21, August 9-11, October 4-6, November 1-3)
 Advanced Techniques of TM (prerequisites for the TM-Sidhis Program)
– Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th July (Maharishi School
Enquiries and bookings for each of the events listed above can be made to: or phone: 03 9462 3661

Emeralds Beechworth Camp 2019

On Tuesday May the 21st, the Emeralds set off to Beechworth for their camp. We stayed at the Old Priory in Beechworth; an historic building with lovely red bricks and lots of beautiful trees everywhere. After we said goodbye to our lovely families, we had a three hour bus trip driven by the cheerful and fun Mark Cleve. On the way, we stopped in Glenrowan at the big Ned Kelly statue and looked around at the township of his ‘last stand’. Once we arrived in Beechworth, we went to the old Beechworth Cemetery, established in 1856. The cemetery was full of old graves from the 1800’s and was a really lovely place to explore. There was a whole section dedicated to the Chinese community with about 2000 graves, and special ‘burning towers’ which allowed families to make offerings to the dead and departed.

We checked in at the Old Priory and were faced with the 53 stairs we had to climb with our suitcases to get to our rooms! We met Jen, the manager of the Old Priory who was very friendly and kind. After a quick unpack, we went to the Old Beechworth Gaol! Rhiannon was our tour guide around the gaol. Did you know that Ned Kelly spent some time in this gaol? He actually went three times. His cell number was #30 – he had a special cell because of his notoriety. We learnt how to ‘muster’ in the gaol courtyard – where prisoners had to do HARD LABOUR every day! There was Kelly Gang armour in the gaol and we saw the actual sizes of each of them.

After that, we went back to the Old Priory and we had some time to unpack more, play (basketball and table tennis) and relax. Dinner was delicious. Actually every meal was yum! After dinner we did a cartooning workshop with “Aido” / Adrian, who taught us all how to draw cartoons with easy tips. Going to bed was another story!
On Wednesday we went to the Burke Museum and our tour guide Brenton taught us about Robert O’Hara Burke and William Wills and their adventures. In the Burke Museum there were olden day shops with real artefacts from the colonial times. There were some actual remnants from the Burke and Wills expedition. We then met David, our ‘Town Discovery Walk’ guide. He showed us around the town and pointed out all the interesting and unique spots of historical interest. The town was beautiful! We learnt about what life was like back then in the Gold Rush times of the 1850’s and 60’s.
After a walk back to the Old Priory, we enjoyed another delicious meal (soup and spinach and cheese sausage rolls). In the afternoon we returned to the town for our Ned Kelly trial re-enactment with our guide Michael (who has also played Ned Kelly in many films about him). It was fun to act out the real proceedings of Ned Kelly’s trial. Michael told us about justice and what being a prisoner was like back then. Did you know – even kids had to have balls and chains on their ankles back then? In the evening back at camp, we had a nice movie and a relax.

We woke up on Thursday for… GOLD PANNING!! Laurie took us out to the Woolshed Diggings and Falls and we learned about different ways that gold was found. We also learned about the tragic end to the local Aboriginal group due to disease from the British and encounters with the colonists. Laurie then showed us around the Woolshed diggings and finally took us to the creek to pan for gold! After he taught us how to pan, we all managed to get gold! In the afternoon we took our gold millions and went to… the SWEET SHOP! This shop was like being in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! To cap things off, we also visited Beechworth Honey and learned about the importance of bees in our environment and food chain. And yes, we may have tasted a little honey… oh – and ice cream… After dinner we had a fantastic talent show and disco. It was so much fun and we discovered what a great group of dancers we are!

On Friday it was our final and last day. We had to pack up and get our bags back down the 53 stairs! Once we said goodbye and thank you to the Old Priory, we headed to El Dorado Museum which had lots of old dress ups, artefacts, machines and things to play with. The old typewriter was not easy to use but we all loved having a go on it. After the museum, we went to the El Dorado gold dredge, which was massive. There were 110 huge chair-size buckets, scooping up contents from the river to look for gold. A lot of damage was done to the environment as people feverishly ransacked the earth for gold.

We arrived back at school, perfectly in time for the end of school. We were EXHAUSTED but happy! It was sad that camp was already over but wonderful to see our families. All in all, we had a really great time. We all learnt so much. It was good to share this fun experience, share dorm life, and share games and our feelings. We learnt a lot about ourselves and each other.
-Maeve, Bella, Sara, Noah and Ashwin

Our students shone brightly wherever we went and we were constantly complimented for the manner in which they conducted themselves. Ms Russell and I were extremely proud of them all. The photos on the next page are just a small sample of the wonderful times we all enjoyed.
Mr Charisis