Archived: Newsletter #7 14/05/2019

Principal’s Report:
Akshaya Tritiya – The Day of Lasting Achievements
Akshaya Tritiya is a day when the sun & moon are at their most exalted state and because “Every Action has a Reaction” we reap the benefits of this wave of fullness. Hence, Maharishi placed great emphasis on the value of making resolutions for progress on the Day of Lasting Achievements. On Tuesday 7th May, we took the opportunity to acknowledge this auspicious day on the Vedic Calendar with an Assembly at the start of the day when we explained the significance of the day to the students and others present. Our “action/resolution” was to raise our special “Flag of Invincibility” representing the Global Country of World Peace. We expect that many other Maharishi Schools also raised this flag to show that we are all connected in our goal to bring
about peace on earth. As we emphasised to our students, everlasting peace must start with the individual and that is one of the reasons we all practise our TM twice a day.

Cross Country Success:
On Tuesday 7th May, a select group of 5 students put their hands up to participate in our School District’s Cross Country Event. Sara, Maeve, Noah and Ashwin competed in their respective 11 Year Old Boys & Girls events while Sehaj competed in the 12/13 Year Old Boys event. Each race required the runners to complete a 3km course around Edwardes Park Lake. Other schools in our District had up to 5 competitors in each event so there were between 30-40 students competing in each of the Boys and Girls age groups. We were thrilled to have such keen students willing to “have a go” at an event such as this so you can imagine the greater thrill we experienced when Sara finished 1st, Noah finished 3rd, Sehaj 4th and Ashwin 12th. Unfortunately Maeve experienced an injury which meant she could not finish her race. Sara and Noah qualified to compete in the Divisional Cross Country event in a couple of months time.
Thank you to Stuart Constable for offering to be a course marshall at the event, Natalie Constable, Chris Gioskos and Paramjit Kaur for attending and supporting the children.
We are so proud of our students, especially in the manner in which they displayed a determination and drive to participate and do the best they could!!

Key Dates:
Tues 14th May NAPLAN Testing (Yrs. 3&5)
Wed 15th May (Sports Uniform Day) NAPLAN Testing (Yrs. 3&5)
AFL Clinic (1.15-2.00pm) – Emeralds
Homework Club (3.30-5.00pm)
Thurs 16th May NAPLAN Testing (Yrs. 3&5)
Boite Choir Rehearsal (3.30-4.30pm) – After School Care available 4.30-5.30
Fri 17th May (Sports Uniform Day) PIT Gymnastics
Student Lunch Day
Tues 21st May Emeralds School Camp (Day 1)
Wed 22nd May (Sports Uniform Day) Emeralds School Camp (Day 2)
AFL Clinic (1.15-2.00pm) – Emeralds
Homework Club (3.30-5.00pm)
Thurs 23rd May Emeralds School Camp (Day 3)
Boite Choir Rehearsal (3.30-4.30pm) – After School Care available 4.30-5.30
Fri 24th May (Sports Uniform Day) Emeralds School Camp (Day 4)
PIT Gymnastics
Student Lunch Day
Sunday 26th May National Reconciliation Week begins

Homestay Families Required for Chinese Students:
During the week beginning Monday 5th August, we have 4 students who would like to attend our school for a one week study experience plus home stay; one is in Year 4, two are in Year 5 and one is in Year 6. If any of our Emeralds/Diamonds (or other) families are interested in having one or two Chinese students stay with your family for a week, it would be a great experience both for the visiting Chinese students and your family.
Your family will receive $250 per week for each student (up to two students). Please contact me by next Monday 20th May if you are interested so we can discuss this further.

Excursion to Edendale Farm:
On Wednesday 8th May, the Pearls, Sapphires and Diamonds visited Edendale Farm. We explored the farm and met, fed and learnt about the animals. We also learnt about how to grow our own food and were each able to plant a broad bean seed to grow. The Diamonds also learnt about waste, plastic and recycling. The Pearls and Sapphires instead learnt about different mini-beasts including worms, bees and stick insects. It was a great day, despite the rainy weather! Thanks to all the parents that came along to help.

‘Outer Depends on Inner’
While learning about the SCI Principle ‘Outer Depends on Inner’, the Pearls have been exploring emotions and how our expressions and body language are determined by the way we feel on the inside. To represent this, we created a display of emotions and how we see them in people’s faces.

“Plastic Bags Should Be Banned”
The Diamonds class have completed some wonderful work on environmental issues. They have integrated their theme with their focus in English which has been persuasive writing. They have been guided by Mrs Burnham to understand how this genre of writing can be used to address and influence environmental issues to both the general public and to key individuals. Below is an example that has been composed by one of our Year 3 students:
I think plastic bags should be banned because 80 percent of it ends up in our Oceans. A good reason is because plastic bags take up to 1000 years to break down. France and South Australia have banned plastic bags completely, so we should follow in their footsteps. Another reason is, a lot of it ends up in the ocean, and turtles think its food.
If we don’t do something, the next generation will not thank us. People have already made a start, in 2017, two surfers started a Company called Ocean 4 life and, since then, they have been cleaning our oceans. Coles and Woolworths have put a price on single use plastic bags. But still, try not to use plastic bags. If we don’t stop littering, mother earth will NOT thank us. Think about the next generation, what will your kids think? If you see a plastic bag pick it up! What else would you do with it? Even though Coles and Woolworths have stopped using plastic bags, other stores haven’t. It isn’t just turtles who are dying, it’s other animals too.
When you go to a shop like H and M, they give you plastic bags but you say NO. Plastic bags don’t just end up in our oceans, they end up in other places too. Plastic bags can end up in trees, bushes, rivers, lakes, roads, footpaths and lots of other terrible places like the gutter. Remember that plastic bag you used? Well, it will still be on the planet right now. That plastic bag will still be here when your kids have kids and so on times 100! Be like Isatou, and find something to do with plastic bags. So remember, try not to use plastic bags.
By Phoebe

Well done to Phoebe and all the students of the Diamonds class for being so socially aware and striving to make your mark in the world. Our future is in good hands.

Mother’s Day Breakfast:
This year we once again held our popular Mother’s Day Breakfast for Maharishi School mothers, grandmothers and special persons. This year’s event saw the Emeralds sing a song to all those assembled for the Breakfast, while the students all prepared a beautiful card for their mums with an accompanying flower.
After the students returned to class, the mums were treated to an informative presentation by Faye Shepherd about the three doshas and how parents could recognise the characteristics associated with each one to enable them to better understand how to offer guidance for greater balance and prevention of ill-health in the lives of their children.
Our sincere thanks to Faye for setting aside the time to offer this presentation to all those present. A huge thanks also to the dads/grandads/brothers who offered their assistance during the Breakfast.