Newsletter #5 29/05/2020

Principal’s Report

Welcome back to the resumption of face-to-face teaching!!
The remote-learning experience was a new one for us all but I was so proud of the manner in which we all adapted as a school community. The past 6 weeks provided personal and professional challenges to us all. My sincere gratitude goes to everyone for staying connected and ensuring we emerged “intact” as a school community.

The teachers embraced the change in their teaching and learning programs to prepare the “Learning at Home” packs and complemented this with regular Zoom meetings, phone calls and emails to the students and parents of their class. Their daily videos which gave an overview of the day to their students were well-received, with parents sending through their acknowledgement and appreciation for the positive impact it had on their child(ren). One of the pleasures I enjoyed at the start of each day was viewing the teachers’ videos and staying informed about the work being done by the students, while being entertained and drawn in by the magnetism of their personalities on screen. They are naturals in front of the camera. Perhaps we should consider venturing into the world of children’s educational programs??

This week we put into practice the large number of revised changes to policy and procedures impacted by COVID-19, as advised to all parents in last week’s “Update: Return To School Guidelines_19May2020”. We are reviewing these matters on an ongoing basis and making the necessary changes with the intention that they will enhance those processes and the associated school experience for our students. Another important consideration for our school as we adapt to a school environment that will restrict parents from attending the school grounds, assemblies, performances and school activities, is to ensure parents do not feel isolated from their children’s experiences at school.

The revised processes and new initiatives we would like to announce are as follows:
1. Morning Drop-Off Times
After closely monitoring the arrangements put in place from this week, Drop-Off and Pick-Up Times have been revised:

2. Before and After School Care Programs
Your feedback has indicated that you would welcome back the After School Care Program from Monday to Friday. There has been no indication at this stage that the Before School Program is required on an ongoing basis. However, arrangements can be made to care for students in the case of an unexpected commitment where it would assist parents if they could drop off their child to school earlier than scheduled. In such cases, a courtesy call to the school to make this request is required.

The After School Care Program will be running each day from 3.30-5.30pm. Bookings are essential, as is an indication of the preferred Pick-Up time; 4.30pm, 5.00pm or 5.30pm. Due to the current conditions we have in place that limits adult access to the school grounds, we ask that parents arrive at one of the three specified times; 4.30, 5.00 or 5.30 only for pick up. Children will be brought to parents at the Main School Gate at each of those designated times, as indicated by families when booking their child into the program for that day.

3. Parent Meditation Group
We are changing with the times. We would like to resume the Parent Meditation Group which was so well-attended during Term 1 and in 2019. However, from next Monday 1st June at 9.30am, this much-loved session with Suzi will be delivered via Zoom. We hope this gives many more parents an opportunity to attend from the comfort of their home or wherever may be convenient for parents at that time.

4. Maharishi School Portal
The new Parent & Student Portal has doubled last week’s figure with 30 families now registered (60%). We would love to increase that to 100% as we develop the portal to be more than just a resource for remote learning.

A very important consideration for our school as we adapt to a school environment that will restrict parents from attending the school grounds, assemblies, performances and school activities, is to ensure parents do not feel isolated from their children’s experiences at school.

We hope everyone can enjoy access to the range of your children’s work and activities that will be posted by their teachers. As we develop the site further, so will its scope for how it can be used, including access to school communications, School Newsletter, and links to relevant websites for students and parents.

To start the ball rolling, parents of the Diamonds class can now access Mrs Burnham’s first Blog entry, while Mrs Aston will soon be posting Auslan videos showing the students of each class performing.

School Uniform
It is the time of year when all students should now be wearing the Winter Uniform. However, our school is experiencing a delay from our supplier with the delivery of some Winter Uniform items. If you are not affected by this delay, please ensure only the items of clothing that are part of the school’s Winter Uniform are worn by your child, including black shoes. Please note: Navy blue tights should be worn with the school dress and not ‘leggings’ (of any colour).

The Sports Uniform should continue to be worn on Wednesday and Friday as per usual, unless also affected by the delay from our supplier. Sports shoes must only be worn with the Sports Uniform and only on those days. The Prep Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) and Sporting skills/games sessions are scheduled by teachers on those days so it is important that students are dressed appropriately for those occasions.

We would appreciate your support to reinforce to children the value and importance of wearing our school uniform with pride.

Staff Planning and Report Writing Day
We are approaching the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. Monday 8th June is a Public Holiday, while Tuesday 9th June is an allocated Staff Planning and Report Writing Day. These are both ‘Student-Free Days’ so your children will return to school that week on Wednesday 10th June.

Key Dates
Mon 8th June Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday (School Closed)
Tues 9th June Staff Planning and Report Writing Day (School Closed: Student-Free Day)
Fri 26th June End of Term 2

Sun 5th July NAIDOC Week begins

Mon 13th July Staff Planning Day
Tues 14th July Term3 begins for students

S Charisis (Principal)