Newsletter #4 25/03/2020

Principal’s Report

Term 1 ended in the most unusual of ways, far different from anything most of us have ever experienced, both personally and professionally.

I would like to express my respect and gratitude for our school staff and the manner in which they helped the students and the school in general navigate through a challenging time for everyone. Similarly, I extend the same to our parent community who helped us see through the end of term in a positive manner while we’ve all been faced with such a negative and confronting issue in our world. Our lives, for now, have changed in a way we cannot have imagined. But with adversity comes opportunity so I hope you are all able to use this time to connect with family and friends in an even deeper and meaningful way as we offer each other our love and support.

As we navigate through this time of adversity, let me share a few words of wisdom from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi which I recently read, words that can have a depth of meaning that may resonate with us when read in the context of the current situation facing the world.

“A new humanity will be born, fuller in conception and richer in experience and accomplishments in all fields. Joy of life will belong to every man, love will dominate human society, truth and virtue will reign in the world, peace on earth will be permanent and all will live in fulfillment in fullness of life in God Consciousness.”
(Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)

And as your children know so intimately through their study of the SCI Principles………“Outer Depends on Inner”

This week a friend of mine shared this delightful piece that is doing the rounds among teachers and schools……..
To parents/guardians during school closures, if you’re having difficulty and feeling stressed with the added pressure of now being teacher to your child/children, please remember:

You don’t need to replicate the school experience. Don’t try to be your child’s classroom teacher. Just keep being the teacher you ALREADY are. We trained for years to teach the way we do, just as you trained for years to teach the way you do. We couldn’t take over your job overnight, you won’t be able to do ours.

Read with your child.
Cook with your child.
Garden with your child.
Enjoy nature with your child.
Make and create things with your child.
Sing and dance with your child.
PLAY with your child!

And above all, keep being the kind, calm role-model your child needs through this challenging time. This is how you teach. Keep doing you. Your child is learning from you every day.”

Let’s end our school term by celebrating in this edition of the school newsletter some of the lovely positive classroom experiences in which our students have been involved in the latter part of the term. (See pages 2 & 3)

On behalf of the School Staff and School Board, may I wish you all good health and happiness. Take care everyone.

S Charisis (Principal)

Consciousness-Based Education in the Pearls Classroom
In the Pearls’ classroom we have been focusing on the SCI principle ‘Order is Present Everywhere.’ One of the things we have been learning about is the order of the colours in a rainbow and how they remain constant.
Last week our Emeralds Buddies came to work with us on a book-making project. We used Rainbows as our inspiration for the books and the task was to create and illustrate a book together. To connect in with our SCI principle, Ms Russell first discussed the natural order in books including the title, page numbers, directionality of reading and how all stories have a beginning, middle and end. The books that the students created were both unique and thoughtful. It was also wonderful to observe the kind interactions, care and support that the Emeralds students showed their younger Buddies.
Look out for a rainbow and the next time you see one marvel at the “order that is present everywhere”.
Mrs Ward

Consciousness-Based Education in the Emeralds Classroom
This term, the Emeralds have studied four Fundamentals of Growth: Creativity, Energy, Intelligence and Purposefulness.
When we begin a new Fundamental of Growth, we always start by doing “word work”: investigating definitions of the words as well as synonyms and antonyms. We focus then on how the concept is explained in SCI by Maharishi. Then we analyse examples of the Fundamental in nature, science, school, our world around us and in ourselves. You can see in the previous newsletter how our co-captain Isabella Mihos presented our learning about Creativity to School Assembly earlier in the term. Mrs Aston further developed the second Fundamental ‘Energy’ with the Emeralds in Science by teaching them about electrical circuits. We marvelled at nature’s intelligence – instinct in animals – when we studied the Fundamental ‘Intelligence’. Dr Sue Brown gifted us with a beautiful book on Nature’s Intelligence last year and we enjoyed delving into it again this year.

Our last Fundamental of Growth for the term is a very useful one for us: Purposefulness. The Emeralds focused on the premise that we are being purposeful when our feelings, thoughts and actions bring happiness and success to ourselves and to others. The students then set four goals for themselves for the semester: one academic, one leadership, one creativity and one personal goal. (The year fives will focus very deeply on these goals and how to best achieve them in conjunction with their Aurora Leadership development program.) We will reflect on our goals regularly and review their progress. My goal for Term 1 was to ensure that each member of our class felt loved, respected and equally valued – a reminder of “The whole is more than the sum of the parts”. I hope that goal has been achieved!

Thank you to the Emeralds for being a truly delightful group of souls to be with and enjoy life with every day. Term 1 in our classroom has been a deep and effortless pleasure.
Ms Russell