Newsletter #4 24/06/2021

Principal’s Report
This week’s School Newsletter will celebrate Term 2 Highlights, including events, activities and student achievement.
Grandmother Moon Highlights

On behalf of the school and the entire GM Team, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to our school community, past and present, for taking the time to attend our school for the Grandmother Moon performance earlier this term. This event was undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the term and a proud occasion for our school.
Creative Victoria provided Maharishi School and our partners, Barking Spider Visual Theatre, generous support during the past 18 months. This was incredibly valuable in enabling us to navigate our way through the interruptions to the 2020 school year. Their advocacy in enabling our CV grant to be extended into an additional school year allowed our students and GM Team to fulfill our aim of creating a unique experience that will remain in ours and our students’ memories for a very long time. It will remain one of those special events and fulfilling school experiences that we were all so fortunate to enjoy.

We have just received the final 10-minute edit of our Grandmother Moon project. There were so many happy faces when we screened it for the students at this week’s School Assembly. It will be made available to you on the Maharishi School Portal this week in the “School News” section. I expect it will be viewed many times over by our students and parents. Barking Spider Visual Theatre has also sent us a link to their Community and Schools landing page. You can view some of their other projects as well as their work with us on Grandmother Moon.

Community & School Works

2020 Annual Report to the School Community
All schools are required to provide an annual report to be published on the State Register in Victoria. The Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017 state that a registered school must make information concerning its performance available to the school community at least once a year. The Report includes a description and analysis of student learning outcomes in state-wide tests and examinations for that year, a description and analysis of student attendance rates for the year and a report of the school’s financial activities
The Maharishi School 2020 Annual Report to the School Community is available for your perusal on the Maharishi School Portal in the “School News” section or a hard copy may be requested from the School Office.

Emeralds Excursion to Radio Station 3KND
The Emeralds visited Indigenous Radio Station 3KND – Kool and Deadly (1503 on the AM platform) on Monday 21st June. We now have a class of budding radio enthusiasts who are just at home in the studio as they are in the classroom. Each student had a chance to appear on the radio, with some going live in the studio with G-Man on the ‘Midday Rush’, and others pre-recorded for Hayley McAdam’s ‘On Track’. Song requests were made, conversations about school and hobbies were had, and each student loved the experience of being in a professional indigenous radio station. Thank you so much Hayley and G-Man, for the most amazing experience. We cannot wait to have them visit us at school.

Maharishi School Strategic Planning
Maharishi School is currently in the process of developing its next Strategic Plan. This is an exciting process that engages the school community to help guide the future direction of our school. To do this, we have engaged the services of two Principal Consultants from Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) to act as facilitators. An important aspect of the strategic planning process is to seek the feedback, thoughts and ideas of its key stakeholders. As such, we will be conducting facilitated focus group sessions with students, parents and staff to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and desires of our school community.
Our facilitators from ISV will conduct these forums on Thursday 22nd July at Maharishi School as follows:
9.00am Parent Forum – parents have been selected according to criteria that makes them representative of the diversity of our school community. The criteria include the length of time the family have been at the school, which year level their child/ren are in, whether parents practised TM prior to attending the school and parents’ level of involvement in the school.
11.00am Student Forum – students from Prep to Year 6 will be interviewed in three separate groupings based on year levels.
3.30pm Staff Forum – all staff will be interviewed including teaching and non-teaching staff.
Neither the Principal nor Board Members will be present during these forums to ensure participants feel comfortable to speak freely, and all necessary measures will be taken to ensure the anonymity of participants’ feedback. The forums will be held in the Principal’s Office and parents invited to the forum will be contacted by the school to confirm availability. Parents of students selected for the Student Forum will be contacted to confirm consent for participation.
The Maharishi School Board is striving to make this process a comprehensive and engaging one with all key stakeholders. We look forward to the participation and contribution of our school community in the process to help inform the school’s strategic direction for the future.
Kind regards,
Penny Palmer – Chairperson
on behalf of Maharishi School Board

School Professional Development Day
An opportunity has arisen for a whole-of-school Personal and Professional Development Day with Uncle Bill Nicholson, elder and cultural educator of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Cultural Heritage Corporation. Maharishi School has partnered with the City of Darebin and Thornbury PS for this special event.
Overview of the Program
• The program will be delivered on Friday 16th July (see Key Dates – Change to Beginning of Term 3 for our school)
• The PD will take place at the Abbotsford Convent (where the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Corporation is based)
• The PD will be facilitated and taught by cultural educator and elder Uncle Bill Nicholson.
• The PD will include key aspects of Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Council’s Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training
• Welcome to country and smoking ceremony (close to the banks of the Birrarung).
• Understanding roles and difference between Traditional Owners and other Aboriginal Victorians
• Cultural walk to Dights Falls and talk about connection to country/history
Collaboration between participants will focus on:
• Responding to questions and areas of inquiry arising from the Victorian Curriculum and from schools’ programs of teaching Aboriginal history and culture.
• Three types of stories will be focused on:
i. Traditional life
ii. Impact of colonisation and missionaries
iii. Self-determination and relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people today, including the organisations of Traditional Owners Corporations with a focus on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Corporation and reconciliation.

Emeralds School Camp to Beechworth
Our school camp in Beechworth was once again a great hit with the students and staff. They enjoyed the many historical attractions such as the Beechworth Gaol and Courthouse, where they got a good insight into the life of Ned Kelly, the El Dorado Museum, panning for gold as well as visiting Beechworth Honey and the Beechworth Sweet Shop.
You can read the “Students’ Reflections” on the Maharishi School Portal in the Emeralds section.

First Aid in Schools Program
This week our students completed the ‘St John First Aid in Schools Program’ which is designed to educate children on how to assist in emergencies, whether at home, at school or on the sports field. The students enjoyed the experience and have learnt some important skills that will no doubt enhance the life skills they are already developing.

What Can We Look Forward to in Term 3?
Term 3 is shaping as an exciting term for our students and school community, with the range and diversity of activities being planned. Highlights include:
• School Assembly and Smoking Ceremony (Celebrating NAIDOC Week) on Day 1 of Term 3 (Monday 12th July)
• Return of Parent Group Meditation Sessions – Mondays & Fridays at 8.30am (subject to COVID Restrictions)
• Strategic Planning Forums (Thursday 22nd July)
• Student Writing Workshops with author Ingrid Laguna
• Introduction of an Orienteering Program for the Diamonds and Emeralds with Orienteering Victoria
• Lunchtime Chess Club
• Entry to Primary School Chess Tournaments for selected students (various)
• Sporting Schools Program – planning for Soccer and Basketball (TBC)
• Student participation in Australian Maths Competition
• Student participation in Melbourne Literary Festival
• National Science Week (16th – 20th August)
• Book Week (23rd – 27th August)
• Student Lunch Program (Wednesdays)
• Class Excursions and Incursions (various)
• Bundoora Indoor Sports Centre – Friday afternoon (Weeks 2-7)
• PIT Gymnastics – Friday afternoon (Weeks 8-10)
• Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) for our Prep students
• KPDSA Basketball and Indoor Soccer Tournaments at Reservoir HS – TBC
• Boite School Choir Rehearsals continue
• Boite Chorus Rehearsal #2 (Sunday 1st August)
• Boite Chorus Performance at Melbourne Town Hall (Thursday 5th August @ 7.30pm)
• New Volleyball Court installation in school playground area
No doubt there will be more that we organise to give our students a fulfilling term at school. This is a good start!!

Parent Group Meditation Sessions
We are pleased to announce that these popular sessions with Suzi will resume at the beginning of Term 3, Monday 12th July at 8.30am and each Friday and Monday thereafter during the term, subject to COVID Restrictions.
We look forward to seeing parents there once again.
Term 3 Student Lunch Program
The Student Representative Council met with me this week and overwhelmingly requested that the Student Lunch Program return in Term 3. We are happy to do so for our students. Student lunches will be available each Wednesday from Week 2 and be prepared at school by volunteer parents who each hold a ‘Responsible Food Handling Certificate’.
In keeping with the school’s Food & Nutrition Policy, our meals will contain “fresh local organic seasonal sustainable and non-GMO” ingredients, as best we can. All meals will be prepared and contain ingredients that are also suitable for gluten-free diets. The menu will include:
• Organic Pasta with either an organic vegetable-based pasta sauce or butter (topped with cheese – optional on the day)
• One piece of fresh fruit
Order forms will be distributed to students at the beginning of Term 3. In the meantime, we seek parental assistance to volunteer their time between 12.00-1.30 on Wednesdays to assist in the preparation and cleaning up. You may not necessarily be available every Wednesday, but we would appreciate having at least three (3) parents rostered on each week. Please contact the School Office and let Suzi know on which days you can volunteer your assistance.
Key Dates
*Note the change to the beginning of Term 3 to facilitate the Professional Development Day on Friday 16th July
*Mon 12th July Begin Term 2 (change of date – all students to attend school)
School Assembly & Smoking Ceremony (9.00-10.00am) – All welcome
Wed 14th July ‘Start Smart’ Incursion
Boite Choir Rehearsal (3.30-4.30pm)
Fri 16th July School Planning Day (Student-Free Day)
Wed 21st July Student Writing Workshop
Orienteering Program (Diamonds & Emeralds) with Orienteering Victoria coaches
Student Lunch Program
Boite Choir Rehearsal (3.30-4.30pm)
Thurs 22nd July Strategic Planning Forums for students, parents and staff
Fri 23rd July Bundoora Indoor Sports Centre (Sapphires/Diamonds/Emeralds)
Wed 28th July Orienteering Program (Diamonds & Emeralds) with Orienteering Victoria coaches
Student Lunch Program
Boite Choir Rehearsal (3.30-4.30pm)
Fri 30th July Bundoora Indoor Sports Centre (Sapphires/Diamonds/Emeralds)
Sun 1st Aug Boite Chorus Rehearsal #2 (Abbotsford Convent)
On behalf of the School Board and staff, I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy school holiday period. We hope you are able to enjoy the two weeks with the easing of restrictions for Melbourne.
It would be appreciated if you would gently encourage your children to continue being regular with their TM technique over the school holiday period. It is important that the routine that the children follow when at school is continued while they are on school holidays. The daily routine of the Transcendental Meditation technique should not be solely associated with attendance at school. It should be reinforced as a skill/technique that adds value to our lives and is done daily. With so many parents attending Suzi’s Monday and Friday Parent Group Meditation sessions earlier in the year and prior to COVID restrictions, we have felt a strengthening in the connectedness across the school community that comes with everyone practicing and acknowledging the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation technique.
Steve Charisis