Newsletter #3 06/03/2019

Principal’s Report:

As we approach mid-Term One, it has been heart-warming to see the impact that the teachers and our school’s “point of difference” – Consciousness-Based Education, have already had on both our younger and older students.

Our newsletter this week highlights the beautiful result of our students being immersed in Maharishi’s knowledge, teaching both the innermost part of life as well as life’s outer expressions that we see everywhere around us. I take great interest in the environment set by our teachers that gives emphasis to the SCI Principles taught throughout the year. I am inspired when listening to our teachers plan how to nurture each student’s creative intelligence. From the growth of seedlings to the emergence of a butterfly from its chrysalis, each experience reinforces a greater and deeper understanding of the outer as well as the inner values of life. When you hear, “Ms James, the nature of life is to grow, so it was the right thing to do to set them free” (see p2), you know that the experience facilitated by the teacher has made a profound impact on the students.

Another aspect that gives our students an insight into the importance of understanding themselves is their study of Maharishi Ayur Veda: The Science of Life; what we eat, how we feel, what effect do certain activities and even character traits have on each of us. Learning about strategies to deal with a range of factors, as well as developing an understanding of lifestyle, helps each of us strike that important balance in our lives that becomes paramount to our growth as an individual.

As we look to ensure that we have school policies in place that reflect how we are defined by the unique elements of our school, we have begun this process by revisiting and reviewing our school’s Food & Nutrition Policy, extracts of which have been included for you in this newsletter. Please note the important change in dealing with food allergens. Enjoy this edition of our newsletter. I hope you will agree that it has indeed been a wonderful start to the year.

District Athletics Carnival:

This year’s Athletics Carnival saw us continue to grow our participation rate, embracing the benefit of physical activity as part of our life. An added bonus was that we also enjoyed an increase for our school in the “Ribbon Count” this year.
Congratulations to the following students:
11Boys Long Jump: Ashwin (4th)
12Boys 100m: Sehaj (3rd)
11Girls 100m: Sara (3rd)
11Boys 800m: Noah (2nd)
11Girls 800m: Sara (3rd)
12Boys Shuttle Relay: Sehaj, Ashwin, Veer, Noah (3rd)
11Girls Shuttle Relay: Maeve, Isabella, Sara, Montana (4th)
On behalf of the school, I would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank the large number of parents who attended the Athletics Carnival yesterday. The support for all students and the encouragement given to each individual was appreciated by all.

And They’re Off!

After 2 weeks of waiting, watching and closely attending to their every need, I arrived at school on Monday morning to find that 5 of our 6 butterflies had emerged from their beautiful, emerald green chrysalises. Although very excited, I was disappointed that the butterflies had arrived without the students being there to witness it. Fortunately, there was one patient little chrysalis left and it very kindly waited for me to set up the iPad and film its emergence into the world. The children were amazed at the process!

The Sapphires spent the next day and a half observing and interacting with the beautiful Monarch butterflies and very proudly showed off their ‘class pets’ to the rest of the school community, including many parents who attended our Morning Tea on Monday. It was certainly a joyous and fascinating time! On Tuesday, it was time to set our butterflies free, although we were all quite sad to do so. We excitedly released them into the air and were delighted to see that two of the butterflies stayed around on the trees for quite a while, for us to observe and delight in.

Although their absence in the Sapphires classroom is certainly felt, it has been one of the most wonderful experiences that I have had in all my years as a teacher. The children have adored the experience and have learnt so much from it. We discussed our sadness at having to let the butterflies go, but one student simply stated to me, and I quote, “Ms James, the nature of life is to grow, so it was the right thing to do to set them free”. The Sapphires are working on a presentation regarding our “Butterfly Adventure” which they will be presenting at Assembly in a couple of weeks. Stay posted for confirmation.
Leisa James

Term One SCI Principles (Pearls/Sapphires/Diamonds)
This term the Diamonds have been exploring many of the SCI principles while establishing the Vegetable Boxes. During our studies of ‘The Nature of Life is to Grow’, students have considered growth in their own lives and in the world around us. Our aim as a class is to grow the vegetables we have planted by caring for them daily and then being able to share and enjoy them when they become mature. The students have been enthusiastic in their interest in how the vegetables are growing and also using their knowledge of other SCI Principles and how they relate to the

Vegetable Boxes.
The Diamonds Vegie Patch (By Alec Sharan)
On Wednesday last week the Diamonds Class went outside to plant in the spectacular vegie boxes. Katerina’s Grandfather, Andreas, came to guide us through and help.
First, we dug up all the soil to get it soft and loose. After we did that I had to go and get the watering hose. It was a bit hard because I had to untangle it all which was pretty hard for me. When the hose was finally untangled Andreas sprayed the soil to make it moist.
Once that was done Andrea made holes with a pointy, sharp garden tool. Andreas told us to always make the holes 25-35cms apart so the roots don’t get tangled up. Once the holes were done we started planting. Andreas took the scrumptious cabbage out of the little container. Andreas let us take turns of placing the spectacular cabbage into the holes. Once everyone had a turn to
plant Andreas gave the hose to Mrs Burnham to water.
When the watering was done Mrs Burnham was spraying us. In the end I felt happy because one day it will all grow and we can enjoy eating the vegies up.

The Diamonds Exciting Magic Vegie Patch! (By Lenny Cove)
Last week the Diamonds made a vegie patch with Andreas. He told us what to do to make the plants grow. He said we should grow broccoli, parsley, Silver beet, coriander, cauliflower, cabbage and even some carrots. Andreas said we had to dig the soil so there are no big chunks of soil. Then we wet it, so it’s not too dry.
Next it was time for planting!!! First, we planted the delectable, scrumptious, sweet, round, yummy, spectacular cabbage! Andreas said plant it 25-30cms apart, otherwise it won’t grow properly. I got to plant one too. After all the planting it was time for watering. Mrs Burnham kept spraying us and I can’t wait to taste all of the vegetables!!!!

Parent/Teacher Interviews
As we approach the Long Weekend, a reminder that Tuesday 12th March is a Student-free day due to Parent-Teacher Interviews. We hope by now that everyone has taken advantage of the booking system set up at the school and interviews have been scheduled with each teacher you would like to meet. If other commitments restrict you from attending on the day, do not hesitate to contact the teacher(s) concerned to make alternative arrangements. We look forward to seeing you all on the day.

At last week’s SRC Meeting, the students raised the issue of whether we should be adding extra bins around the school yard to ensure our school maintains a litter-free environment. The discussion, however, took an interesting turn while discussing the pros and cons of such an initiative. I was very proud of the students when it was suggested and agreed that we could overcome the need to place more bins in the yard by eliminating the wrappings and packaging that most students bring to school. To achieve this, students (and parents) should be encouraged to remove snacks and other foods from any wrappings at home and then pack these in small containers or existing compartments in their lunchbox. Brilliant!!
SRC members will make a presentation at the next School Assembly to promote this new initiative.

Celebrating School Community Success

Dancing With The Stars
Congratulations to Jeremy Garner who partnered Denise Scott on Dancing With the Stars. Jeremy and Sarah Garner joined our school community this year when enrolling Raphael into his Prep year.
Although voted out on Monday night, it was so lovely to listen to the gratitude expressed by Denise about Jeremy’s impact as a Dance Teacher and her delight at getting to meet Sarah, Raphael and younger brother Jett. Well done Jeremy. You were brilliant! We enjoy seeing the talent of members of our school community on show.

Division Tennis Tournament
We were fortunate to have the tennis talent of Noah Constable to represent our school at the recent Division Tennis Competition at the Plenty Tennis Club where he competed against students from other schools in our region. Noah won each of his 3 matches; 6-0, 6-0, 6-1.
Consequently, he now advances to the next stage which is The Northern Metro Region Tennis Finals to be held at the Eaglemont Tennis Club on Monday 18th March. He will compete against students from Darebin, Nillumbik, inner/Moreland, Banyule, Whittlesea and Woodlands. It is a wonderful opportunity for Noah to participate in such a high-level school tournament and for the Maharishi School name to be represented by Noah’s outstanding personal qualities and sporting talent. Good luck Noah!!

Key Dates
Wednesday 6th March Tennis Coaching Program (3.30- 5.00pm at Keon Park Tennis Club) (Sports Uniform Day)
Friday 8th March IAAF Athletics Program (Sapphires & Diamonds only)
Indoor Sports Program (Bundoora Action Sports) (Sports Uniform Day)
Monday 11th March Labour Day Public Holiday (School Closed)
Tuesday 12th March Parent/Teacher Interview Day (Student-Free Day)
Wednesday 13th March Tennis Coaching Program (3.30- 5.00pm at Keon Park Tennis Club) (Sports Uniform Day)
Friday 15th March IAAF Athletics Program (Sapphires & Diamonds only)
Indoor Sports Program (Bundoora Action Sports) (Sports Uniform Day)
Monday 18th March Halogen Leadership Conference (Emeralds) at Melbourne Convention Centre
Wednesday 20th March Tennis Coaching Program (3.30- 5.00pm at Keon Park Tennis Club) (Sports Uniform Day)
Year 3/4 Camp – Zoo Snooze (from 5.00pm)
Thursday 21st March Year 3/4 Camp – Zoo Snooze (continues)
Pearls/Sapphires/Emeralds Excursion to Melbourne Zoo
Friday 22nd March IAAF Athletics Program (Sapphires & Diamonds only)
Indoor Sports Program (Bundoora Action Sports) (Sports Uniform Day)