Newsletter #3 05/03/2020

Principal’s Report

Proactive Approach to Health and Wellbeing at School.
I ask our school community to refer to the “Message from the School Principal” that has been distributed separately where I have advised on the school’s current position on the health and wellbeing of our students and members of the school community. May I also take this opportunity to emphasise once again the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health – Mind, Body, Behaviour, Environment and Consciousness – our “innermost life”. Our immune system is at its strongest when we give our priority to our meditation twice daily, a healthy diet, remaining hydrated, getting adequate sleep, exercising and practising good hygiene.

Creative Victoria Project
Leisa James and I attended an Information and Planning Session facilitated by Creative Victoria at the Melbourne Zoo on Friday 21st February with our partners Barking Spider Visual Theatre Co. We addressed the criteria for the grant and the process we will undertake to put a school program in place during Terms 3 & 4 this year.

What’s Our Artistic Concept?
The big idea/question/provocation at the heart of our project is “What do I not see?”
The Indigenous method of looking at the dark spaces in the sky, not just the constellations
How are Western methods of “seeing” different from Indigenous methods? – the value in oral tradition, scientific knowledge sharing through performative mediums
What can you see that I can’t see? – learning to understand “the other”
AUSLAN to be incorporated into this concept

Changes Required For our School
Undoubtedly such a significant program that has now been confirmed for Terms 3 & 4 instead of the originally planned Terms 2 & 3, requires timetabling changes and rescheduling of activities on our school calendar. At this stage, the following changes are likely:
Celebration Evening
– It is anticipated that there will be a change of date necessary for our end-of-year Celebration Evening. The 2020 School Planner indicates the event is scheduled for Monday 7th December. This will now most likely be moved to Friday 4th December. At this stage we ask that you keep both dates free.
– We have been investigating alternatives to the original Term 4 scheduled Swimming Program and in the next couple of weeks will make a decision about the Swimming Program moving to Friday afternoons during Term 2.

Key Dates
Friday 6th March (Sports Uniform Day) Athletics Training for Diamonds & Emeralds
Gymnastics Program (PIT Gymnastics)
Monday 9th March Labour Day Public Holiday (School Closed)
Tuesday 10th March Staff Training Day (School Closed: Student-Free Day)
Wednesday 11th March Sapphires Excursion to Melbourne Museum
Friday 13th March (Sports Uniform Day) Athletics Training for Diamonds & Emeralds
Gymnastics Program (PIT Gymnastics)
Tuesday 17th March Emeralds Excursion to GRIP Student Leadership Conference
Friday 20th March (Sports Uniform Day) KPDSA Athletics Carnival – Diamonds & Emeralds only
Gymnastics Program (PIT Gymnastics) – Pearls & Sapphires only
Wednesday 25th March (Sports Uniform Day) Excursion to Islamic Museum (Sapphires/Diamonds/Emeralds)
Worm Farm Workshop (Diamonds)
Thursday 26th March School Photo Day
Friday 27th March (Sports Uniform Day) End of Term 1

Consciousness-Based Education in the Classroom
In the early part of Term 1, teachers and students have focused on the first couple of SCI Principles- ‘The Nature of Life is to Grow’ & ‘Order is Present Everywhere’ and Fundamentals of Growth – Creativity & Energy. The Diamonds have also studied ‘The Ocean of Consciousness Makes Some Waves’ which tells us the story of how the three streams of Natural Law: Vata, Pita & Kapha came to exist. It is heartwarming when speaking with the students about their understanding of what they have studied. Josh and Billi would like to share their understanding of the story with you.

There was an ocean called Samhita. He was full of bliss and he was very happy. One day he was over flowing with happiness and bliss. So he wanted to share his bliss with someone but sadly he didn’t have anyone to share his bliss with. So he gave himself a big hug. When he uncurved there was a small whirlpool and three friends arose from the whirlpool: Rishi, Devata and Chhandas.
Rishi is the I and the knowledge of yourself, he knows everything. Devata likes to organise everything. He moves the sun to the plants and organises everything. Chhandas is the structure of everything including air. When Samhita knew three friends, he could share his bliss with his three friends

There once was an Ocean of Consciousness called Samhita. He was full of bubbling bliss. He was pure and friendly. One day he wanted to share his bubbling bliss with a friend. This feeling got so strong that he had to share it with a friend. But when he looked around nobody was there except himself. So he took a breath, and folded back on himself.
There in front of him were three friends; Rishi, Devata and Chhandas. Rishi was wise and full of knowledge. She knew how babies laugh, how a little seed could turn in to a big towering tree. Rishi was the “I” of the universe. Devata likes to organise things and make them orderly. Devata helps plants to grow with the energy of the sun. Chhandas gives everything a shape and structure. Samhita was very happy now he had three friends to play with and share his bliss with.

At Monday’s Assembly this week, Bella gave us an insightful overview of “Creativity”, the Fundamental of Growth currently studied by the Emeralds class. Maharishi said, “Creativity is the first Fundamental of Growth because creativity is the very essence of life”.

Here is Bella’s understanding of Creativity that she would like to share with you:
In the Emeralds class our first fundamental of growth is creativity. We talk about how we all have our own creative intelligence and we express it in different ways. Some people might think that creativity is only about being able to do art or to be a good drawer, but it’s more than that, it’s being able to express yourself in different ways. For example some people express their creativity through dance, some through sport and music but it goes beyond that. For myself my creative intelligence is being able to communicate with different people and make them feel comfortable in a way that we have a good conversation. So I took it upon myself to research a nice affirmation that I thought represented creativity and this is what it is….”creativity is the way we share our souls with the word.” This quote is by Brenè Brown

Community Announcement

This year our school has registered for the Carlton Respects Program. This is a four-week program for Year 5&6 students, aligned to the Victorian Government’s Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships curriculum. It combines indoor and outdoor learning to teach students about respect and equality. Some of the topics covered include values, teamwork, gender stereotypes, bullying and help-seeking.

The Carlton Football Club has contacted us this week to extend an invitation to members of our school community to the annual AFLW Carlton Respects Game against St. Kilda on Saturday 7th March at 7.10pm at Ikon Park. Entry is free and there will be a schools seating bay with entry via Gate 5.

Market By Kids – Craft Day
Our Craft Day at school on Wednesday 4th March proved to be an amazing school community event. Contributing to its success was the participation of upwards of 20 parents who attended to lend their assistance across all activities. The day began with a Parent Group Meditation in Vastu 2 which helped set the tone for the day for those parents. Also joining us on the day were Ella and Theresa from the City of Darebin who, when told by me about our initiative, came to take photos to use in promotional material for the Market By Kids. Our school initiative is to use the event to raise funds for the Bushfire Appeal and support Animal Welfare groups.

In creating the three craft pieces which were designed by Ms James, we tried to utilise materials that have been recycled or were destined for landfill.
The Year 1/2 class made watercolour leaf collages. The watercolours were made using the old, dried-out textas from previous years.
The Year 3/4 class made hanging ‘mock’ lanterns using a combination of used drink bottles/food containers, scrap cellophane and leftover string.
The Year 5/6 class and their buddies in our Foundation Year (Prep) class worked together to make paper Japanese-style lanterns using recycled wooden sticks for support and watercolour from old, dried-out textas.

We were thrilled with the support we received so on behalf of the students and teachers please accept my sincere gratitude for the time set aside by so many parents to become a part of this wonderful initiative. In addition, I would like to acknowledge Gianna Pether for the delicious Morning Tea she prepared for the parents and staff. It was a beautiful gesture that was appreciated by all.

In the next couple of weeks, as I receive more details about the Market (Sunday 22nd March) from the City of Darebin, I will be sending home the information. Please keep the day free as we will be asking students and parents to be included in a one-hour rostered selling time at the Market between 11.00am and 3.00pm. Set-up time is between 9.00-11.00am when we would also appreciate some assistance. In the meantime, enjoy some of the highlights of the Craft Day: