Newsletter #2 19/02/2019

Principal’s Report:

We have begun the school year with a wonderful vibe that the inclusion of new students and families can bring to
enhance the lovely environment that we already enjoy at our school.

Our students have transitioned smoothly into their new year level, with many experiencing the excitement of a new
teacher, class and classroom. Our Prep students have especially made a great start to their schooling, handling the
changes that come with moving from kindergarten to primary school exceptionally well. It is heart-warming to see their
smiling faces as well as those of their parents who must feel so much more at ease when they see their young child so
eager to be at school with their friends and teachers.

The unique aspect that has brought families to our school is Consciousness-Based Education. This is a strong influence for parent choice and desire for holistic development of their children. Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the Children’s
Technique (Word of Wisdom) are practised by our students twice a day. The SCI Principles are designed to culture an appreciation for the full potential of life. The impact is profound for our students. Visitors to our school regularly comment about the amazing peacefulness, joy and happiness that is felt as they enter the grounds. It is often commented when meeting our students how happy and self-confident they seem; qualities we know add enormous value to a child during their early years. From an educational perspective, we know our approach to teaching and learning is based on nurturing Receptivity, Intelligence, Knowledge, Experience and Expression. As Maharishi School teachers, it is our aim to teach students, not teach subjects. We focus on the undeveloped potentialities of the student and strive to unfold students’ full creative potential. So in that context, let’s take a closer look at
what is happening in the early part of this term…………..

At Maharishi School, the SCI Principles form the basis for the Integrated Units of Study at each year level. Areas of study in the Victorian Curriculum are integrated by teachers into each of the principles during each year from Prep to Year 4. There is a logical connection from the first to the sixteenth Principle as they sequentially unfold and are presented by the teacher to the students.

Term One SCI Principles (Pearls/Sapphires/Diamonds)
 The Nature of Life Is To Grow
Students learn about growth in their own lives, in nature and the world around them. On page 2 of this newsletter, you will see how Ms James and the Sapphires are investigating the transformation of the caterpillar, as part of their understanding of this SCI Principle.

 Order Is Present Everywhere
We learn with this principle that everything in life has its proper place, in effect has an “order” as to how it evolves;
smaller to bigger, younger to older, planets moving in a perfect orbit. This follows on from the first SCI Principle In Years 5 & 6, the Fundamentals of Growth are used in the same way as the SCI Principles for planning the teaching and learning programs undertaken by students. Term One Fundamentals of Growth (Emeralds)

 Creativity
As explained in the first SCI Principle: The Nature of Life Is to Grow, it is the creativity of nature that is the source of
growth, hence creativity is the first Fundamental.

 Energy
The creativity of nature requires energy to move and express itself, hence this fundamental follows Creativity.

Parent Seminar with Dr Sue Brown
On Monday we welcomed Dr Brown to present our first Parent Seminar for the year – What does a Consciousness-Based Education mean for primary-aged children? In her presentation, Dr Brown addressed:
 Why happiness and enjoyment are key to dynamic, successful learning
 The research about Word of Wisdom and Transcendental Meditation for school students
 The effects undue stress can have on brain development
 What is meant by “consciousness”
 How the Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI) nurtures your child’s curiosity and ability to connect ideas
 How primary school students around the world describe experiences of Consciousness-Based Education.

The parents who attended gained an enormous amount of insight into CBE and the benefits to their children. On behalf of the school community we would like to thank Dr Brown for taking the time to share her knowledge with us.

Key Dates
Wednesday 20th February Tennis Coaching Program (3.30- 5.00pm at Keon Park Tennis Club) (Sports Uniform Day)
Friday 22nd February PE Classes (IAAF Athletics Program) for Sapphires, Diamonds & Emeralds
Indoor Sports Program (Bundoora Action Sports) (Sports Uniform Day)
Tuesday 26th February “Preparing for Secondary School – A Journey Together (Reservoir Library @ 6.30pm)
Wednesday 27th February Tennis Coaching Program (3.30- 5.00pm at Keon Park Tennis Club)
Friday 29th February PE Classes (IAAF Athletics Program) for Sapphires, Diamonds & Emeralds (Final Session)
Indoor Sports Program (Bundoora Action Sports)
Tuesday 5th March KPDSA District Athletics (Meadowglen Athletics Stadium)
Wednesday 6th March Tennis Coaching Program (3.30- 5.00pm at Keon Park Tennis Club) (Sports Uniform Day)
Friday 8th March Indoor Sports Program (Bundoora Action Sports) (Sports Uniform Day)
Monday 11th March Labour Day Public Holiday (School Closed)
Tuesday 12th March Parent/Teacher Interview Day (Student-Free Day)
Monday 18th March Halogen Leadership Conference (Emeralds) at Melbourne Convention Centre
Wednesday 20th March Year 3/4 Camp – Zoo Snooze (from 5.00pm)
Thursday 21st March Year 3/4 Camp – Zoo Snooze (continues)
Pearls/Sapphires/Emeralds Excursion to Melbourne Zoo
Steve Charisis – Principal

Bugs Alive in the Sapphires Classroom!
The Year 1/2 class have been immersing themselves in all things ‘crittery’ this term. We enthusiastically welcomed Nadege today, who took us on a bug hunt and allowed us to use her awesome bug viewers to closely study our exciting finds. Nadege runs incursions such as these in kindergartens across Melbourne and is a wonderful source of knowledge and interesting facts about bugs. Thank you for a lovely morning Nadege.

The Sapphires also welcomed some new additions to our classroom today – 6 Monarch caterpillars. We are so lucky to be able to witness a real world example of “The Nature of Life is to Grow” right here in our classroom. Hopefully, we will have observed the entire life cycle of a Monarch butterfly throughout the next 4 weeks or so, and can release the butterflies at the end. The students were extremely excited about this project. If you are interested in meeting our new classroom ‘pets’, please let me know and you are welcome to pop in for a visit.
Leisa James

Student Leadership
Our Student Leaders were presented to the school at Monday’s Assembly where they received their badges and certificates.