Newsletter #2 13/02/2020

Principal’s Report

Student Leadership and our 2020 Student Leaders
Development of outstanding leadership qualities is a priority throughout the entire seven years of education for our students at Maharishi School. Leadership is cultivated in all students and every senior student is given the opportunity to accept a leadership role. Together with a term-by-term Class Captain program, every student at the school experiences an opportunity to develop a range of skills to enhance their personal traits and characteristics.

Our Young Leaders Program is an important feature of the senior school curriculum. The students are given the opportunity to develop public speaking, responsibility, team work and confidence in their role as a Captain (Yr 6) or a Minister-in-Training of a specific portfolio (Yr 5) at the school. Our Year 5/6 student leaders attend a Leadership Conference each year to explore leadership opportunities, develop leadership plans and implement their new ideas and skills.

Our leadership program provides the opportunity for students to make a valuable contribution to the school. Leadership at Maharishi School is about giving service. Our school leaders have organised fun activities on occasions such as Harmony Day and in raising funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal; caringly supported younger students; been excellent role models; and generally improved the quality of life and enriched the school experience of all students.

An important springboard for preparation for leadership is the Aurora Award Program for Year 5 students. The successful completion of tasks in seven categories is required – Growth of Consciousness, Leadership, Responsible Learning, Health and Fitness, Community Service, Creativity and Personal Challenge.

Year 6 Student Leader:
School Captains: Noah & Bella
SRC & Youth Captain: Sara
Art and Environment Captain: Maeve
Sport & Performing Arts Captain: Ashwin
STEAM & Communications Captain: Abhay

Year 5 Minister-In-Training:
SRC & Youth Captain: Jalina & Indiana-Rae (Youth)
Art & Environment Captain: Katerina/Shelley (Art) & Alize/Alec (Environment)
Sport & Performing Arts Captain: Tiara/Pavanaj (Sport) & Alec/Pavanaj/Indiana-Rae (Performing Arts)
STEAM & Communications Captain: Roark/Tiara (STEAM)

One of the highlights to the start of the year which brings such delight and joy to parents, staff and students is the acknowledgement and celebration of our senior Student Leaders and our Class Captains in their positions of leadership.
The Student Leadership Assembly is always well-attended and this year’s assembly at the start of the week was no exception. We look forward to providing our senior students with a diverse range of opportunities within their own portfolio but also in school and community initiatives where they will have the opportunity to further develop their knowledge, skills and appreciation for the importance of their role in making a positive difference to others. To assist our students and enhance their experience further, they will all attend a Student Leadership Conference in late March.

Our Class Captains will join me throughout the year for a lunch meeting each fortnight to share their class ideas and initiatives for the school and wider-community. On alternate weeks they will learn how to conduct a class meeting to encourage their classmates to think about the school and community and how we can become involved to help others.

Congratulations to our Term 1 Class Captains who met with me, our School Captains and our SRC Captain this week to talk about their responsibilities for this term. Everyone seemed quite excited and enthusiastic about the role they will play within their class and the school.

Class Captains:
Sapphires: Sophie & Maram
Diamonds: Georgia & Lenny

Parent Information Evening
We look forward to welcoming all parents to the school on Tuesday 18th February at 5.30pm for our Parent Information Evening. The format this year includes an introductory presentation and school overview by the Principal and Staff followed by classroom visits with your children’s class teachers to get an overview and important information regarding the classroom programs and expectations for your children. The evening will provide a wonderful opportunity to meet the teacher and strengthen the connections you have already made with the other parents in your child’s class.

Suzi Haynes’ Absence
The school is supporting Suzi to attend the “Vedic Leadership Training – Leading from the Field of Unity” course in Bali between 20th February and 2nd March. This unique course, recorded and presented exclusively by Maharishi, reveals his Vedic approach to leadership and governing in unprecedented depth and clarity. It illuminates the role of consciousness in creating successful leaders and presents practical knowledge and Consciousness-based programs for connecting the individual mind with the cosmic mind, individual physiology with cosmic physiology, and individual life with cosmic life. The course structure will include Maharishi’s lectures, long program, question and answer sessions, and listening to recordings of Vedic recitations, whose sounds Maharishi describes as ‘passwords’ to connect individual life with cosmic life.
This is an ideal course for all those who aspire to lead from the field of consciousness, making it an ideal course for Suzi to continue to fulfill her TM Teaching role at the school for our students, staff and parents. We wish Suzi a safe, happy and fulfilling trip.

Parents Assisting On Excursions
The school invites the participation of parents on many of the excursions undertaken throughout the year. We record the participants on each occasion to ensure that everyone is given an opportunity to attend during the year.
From this year, there will be an additional requirement to enable parents to attend excursions. Each parent must register and receive their Working With Children Check which is a simple process that can be accessed at:
Parents should register under the “Volunteer” category which has no cost associated with it. There are some excursions already booked for Term 1 so if you need to register, please do so immediately to enable enough time for you application to be processed.

Key Dates
Friday 14th February (Sports Uniform Day) Athletics Training for Diamonds & Emeralds
Gymnastics Program (PIT Gymnastics)
Tuesday 18th February Parent Information Evening for all Year Levels
Wednesday 19th February (Sports Uniform Day) Rest Day for Pearls Class
Friday 21st February (Sports Uniform Day) Athletics Training for Diamonds & Emeralds
Gymnastics Program (PIT Gymnastics)
Wednesday 26th February (Sports Uniform Day) Rest Day for Pearls Class
Friday 28th February (Sports Uniform Day) Athletics Training for Diamonds & Emeralds
Gymnastics Program (PIT Gymnastics)

2020 Student Residential Address and Other Information collection notice
Attached with this edition of the Newsletter is a notice from the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment, to advise you that the department has requested that your child’s school provide a ‘statement of addresses’, in accordance with the Australian Education Regulation 2013 (Cth) (Regulation). The attachment is required to be provided to parents to inform you of the process.

Community Announcements
Tuning in to Kids Parenting Program
Berry Street Family Services is running Tuning in to Kids this term (Term 1) and would like parents at our school who might be interested to consider attending. Tuning in to Kids is a free group program that supports parents to develop their emotionally intelligent parenting. The group will start Wednesday 19th February and run for six consecutive weeks at the Berry Street office in Eaglemont. You can see the flyer on our School Noticeboard for further details.

How to talk with Children about the Climate Crisis
Children are worried about their future — they see and hear scary stories about climate change. How can we best respond to their fears?  Should we try to shield them from reality?  Should we support them joining the school strike? Join child psychologist, Professor Ann Sanson, and two local school students for a lively discussion on how we can best support children in these uncertain times. Tuesday 25th February 6:15pm–7:45pm at Reservoir Learning and Community Centre, 23 Edwardes Street Reservoir.  Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be provided
Please RSVP for this free event at
More information: Linda on 0467 240 740 or Karen at