Archived: Newsletter #16 27/11/2019

Principal’s Report

Maharishi School Board
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our School Board members to our school community.
The School Board is responsible for setting broad policy, reviewing long-range plans, implementing the budget process and appointing the school principal. Many of the Board members will be present at the Celebration Evening on Monday 9th December and look forward to meeting you on the night.

2019 Twilight Celebration Event

Dr. Timothy Carr
MBBS (Syd)  Chairperson: Director for twelve years; appointed Board Chairman in
December 2015; Director Maharishi Foundation Australia Ltd,
President, Maharishi Ayur-Veda Association of Australia. 

Steve Charisis
B Ed, Grad Dip (Ed Admin & Leadership) Principal: Director (ex officio) appointed January 2016. 

Dr Lawrence Clarke
B Ag Ec (UNE), DDA, DSCI, Dip Health (MAV), Dip Training & Assessment  Director for twenty four years;
Past CEO from 2005–2014; Director of Maharishi Foundation Australia Ltd.; Co-Director of Maharishi Invincibility Centre, Melbourne. 

Dr Michael King
B Juris, LL.B(Hons), MA, Ph.D. Director appointed July 2017;
Appointed member of the Advisory Board of the school in 2009; 
Magistrate, Magistrates Court of Victoria

Penelope Palmer
B Ed, BA Ed , Cert IV Film & Media  Director appointed February 2019;
Head Dept. of Visual Arts; Teacher Media, Photography, English, & Visual Communications, Ringwood Secondary College

Joseph Agati 
B App Sc (Computing), B Bus (Ec)  Director appointed February 2019;
Business IT Manager, Asia Pacific, Ford Motor Company

Quynh-Tram Trinh
B Bus, M Public Policy & Management, Cert Eng Lang Teaching, GAID.   Director appointed February 2019:
Senior Manager Group Strategy and Performance, Vic Dept. of Education and Training; Director Initiatives of Change
Pat Flanagan Director appointed January 2019;
Accountant/Administrator Fasham Johnson Pty Ltd 2008-2018.

Members of our school community are invited to attend this special end-of-year celebration to:
Acknowledge the achievements of our students during 2019
Enjoy student performances during the evening
Enhance our ‘school community spirit’ by coming together to socialise with other families

All details of the event are in the flyer sent to all families earlier this week.

2020 Maharishi School Planner
Distributed with the School Newsletter this week is the 2020 School Planner which is a calendar of school dates and events for the year. Please retain this in a secure place at home to refer to when planning your other commitments throughout the year, thus minimising clashes with school events.

Instrumental Music Recital
Next Wednesday 4th December, our students who are enrolled in the Instrumental Music Program – piano and guitar, will perform at a recital in the Music Room. All families of these children should have received an invitation from Nick or Luke to attend. The performances can be enjoyed between 9.30-10.30am.
Parents are welcome to attend a Group Meditation from 9.00am prior to the commencement of the recital.

A Little Ray of Giving
I’d like to remind our school community of the support we have given to the “A Little Ray of Giving” initiative over the past 3 years. Again, we would love to see our students and parents show their support by dropping off a wrapped present that also gives details of the gender and age for which the gift is most appropriate. I will be taking our school leaders with me to Ray White in Reservoir to deliver the presents so could we have them all brought to the school by Friday 6th December.

Key Dates
Wed 27th Nov (Sports Uniform Day) Tennis Coaching Program – Keon Park Tennis Club (3.30-5.00pm)
Thursday 28th Nov Year 6 Graduation Dinner (Il Gambero, Carlton)
Fri 29th Nov (Sports Uniform Day) Yr. 6 Spiritual Healing Trail Walk (Darebin Parklands)
Drama & Performing Arts Program
Sports Skills Program (Yrs. 1-5)
Wednesday 4th Dec Instrumental Music Recital (9.30-10.30am in Music Room)
Tennis Coaching Program – Keon Park Tennis Club (3.30-5.00pm)
Fri 6th Dec (Sports Uniform Day) Drama & Performing Arts Program
Sports Skills Program (Yrs. 1-5)
Monday 9th Dec End-Of-Year Twilight School Celebration Event (5.30-8.30pm)
Wednesday 11th Dec Students’ BIG DAY OUT Excursion
Friday 13th Dec School Office closes
Tuesday 28th January 2020 School Office opens & staff resume
Monday 3rd February 2020 First student day of the 2020 school year

Science News: Earth and Space Science
Science this term has taken both an inward dive and an outward expanse as the classes focus on the Earth and its place in the universe. These studies are a great example of the principle ‘Order is Present Everywhere,’ highlighting repeating cycles and the patterns evident on Earth.

The Pearls class have focussed on the weather, and the effect it has on both our lives and on animal and plant life around us. The final STEAM project involved building a tent or shelter to protect from the elements. The Sapphires have studied resources and all of the things Earth gives to us, and are completing the term making games from recycled materials. The Diamonds have studied the cycles of the Earth, moon and sun, and are completing their STEAM project of making a sundial. Earth’s place in the universe has been the main focus for the Emeralds, with a very challenging STEAM project to build their own Solar System model, for the first-time using wood from our makerspace area.

Inner Voice
Last Wednesday the Emeralds, Diamonds and some chosen Sapphires had a workshop with these very nice and kind people, Chris and Jane. The workshop was all about developing your own inner voice through music. They taught us about the science behind how sound is created. We did a guided relaxation session with Jane playing the piano, whilst Chris was talking to us about our heart communicating with our brain. It was a lovely experience. Once we did the relaxation session we were all so calm and relaxed. After that, they performed a wonderful energetic song that we all enjoyed! Overall we loved having Chris and Jane come to our school and teach us about how our inner voice can make a difference. We are so thankful that they came. Thank you.
By Isabella Mihos

Auslan/Music News: MCUI – Music Count Us In
MCUI is internationally recognised as the world’s largest school music initiative, and culminated on Celebration day, Thursday 7th November, when right across the country all registered schools sang and/or signed the same song, on the same day, at the same time. This year, for the first time, all of our students came together and joined in to sign this year’s song ‘We Are‘ , with a link to the main event which was live streamed, in order to be connected to the rest of the country. The students signed beautifully and enjoyed the experience of being linked to a national celebration of music, Auslan and song. Thank you to Mrs Wilson O’Brien and Mrs Aston for planning this special event for our students.

Friendship Mandala Project
Last Friday the whole school participated in a mandala art workshop. Malcom, the person who ran the activity, was born in Italy and has been running this workshop for a year now. Malcolm is a man with a great accent and a whole lot of bottle tops. He told us what we were going to do. When we started the activity we all got into groups and chose a mandala pattern that we liked. There were multiple boxes filled with different kinds of bottle caps and lids. The patterns were drawn onto a plastic sheet. Everyone got to work together to design a very pretty mandala creation. There were a variety of colours and designs, and all the groups had unique and different designs. Malcolm explained to us that we were going to DESTROY every little bit of our patterns. As bad as it sounds, it was really fun! Malcolm said that each group had to hold a corner of their plastic sheet with the pattern on it, and when he counted down from three, we all had to throw up the plastic sheet so that all of the lids and bottle caps would fling up into the air. It was really fun and everyone enjoyed it. After we threw the bottle caps and lids into the air, we all helped Malcolm pack them up.
By Maeve Jones and Kizmet Omerogullari