Archived: Newsletter #15 06/11/2019

Principal’s Report

2019 Twilight Celebration Event
This year’s Celebration Event aims to bring together students, parents, extended family, friends and staff on our school grounds to acknowledge the achievements of our students and school throughout the 2019 school year.

After the success of 2018, this year we will once again conduct the event on our Basketball Court. This year’s event will include the presentation of student achievement awards and student performances to showcase our Term 4 Drama & Performing Arts Program in which the students participated each Friday afternoon. Every student will be presented to the audience to be acknowledged for their efforts this year, while all students will participate in performances during the evening. There is no limit on the number of family members and friends who you can invite to the event. Families should bring along camping chairs, picnic blankets, food and drinks to enjoy during the evening, although further details will be provided over the next couple of weeks.

The twilight event will begin at 5.30pm and conclude at around 8.30pm, with formal presentations taking place between 6.15 – 7.00pm. We look forward to welcoming everyone to help us make it a lovely school community event and to conclude the school year together with the wonderful community spirit that exists at Maharishi School.

2020 Staffing
Term 4 involves planning for the present and for the future. It is a time of excitement but also some sadness as decisions and changes are made for the new school year.

In recent weeks the school has been in the process of appointing a new classroom teacher for 2020. We are thrilled to have made a selection from a quality field of applicants. Deborah Ward will join our teaching team as the new Foundation Year Teacher. Deb comes to us from Ruyton Girls’ School where she is the current Foundation Years teacher.

Deb will replace Liz Watt who will be leaving us at the end of the school year. We will all have the opportunity to thank Liz at the end of the year for her services to our school. Maharishi School has been Liz’s first and only school in her young career so she leaves with our gratitude and blessing for whatever opportunities she explores to enhance her career in education or any other field she chooses.

In 2020, the school’s Classroom Music Program will cease to operate in its current form and instead be replaced with Drama and a broader Performing Arts Program. The Instrumental Music Program will continue. We are also scheduled to have our next School Production (every two years) in 2020 following the enormous success of The Button Box in 2018 so there will be a greater emphasis on Drama as part of the normal school program during 2020. This means that Drama will be scheduled on the school timetable as a key part of the school curriculum in place of Music and therefore time will not be lost from other teaching and learning areas during the year, as can often occur, because of the sheer magnitude of time needed to conduct a School Production.

Due to the changes outlined above, Katrina Wilson O’Brien will also be leaving us at the end of the school year. We are grateful to Katrina for her commitment and drive to make Music a shining light within our school curriculum. Katrina also offered a great deal of support in the planning for our Instrumental Music Program which is so well supported by our school community. Maharishi School has also been the first and only school in Katrina’s young teaching career so I have no doubt that there will be mutual benefit at other schools with bigger and more established Music Programs.

Key Dates
Wed 6th Nov (Sports Uniform Day) Tennis Coaching Program – Keon Park Tennis Club (3.30-5.00pm)
Thurs 7th Nov 2020 Prep Orientation Program (Session #3)
Fri 8th Nov (Sports Uniform Day) Drama & Performing Arts Program
Sports Skills Program
Mon 11th Nov MFB Fire Education Program (Pearls & Emeralds)
Wed 13th Nov (Sports Uniform Day) Tennis Coaching Program – Keon Park Tennis Club (3.30-5.00pm)
Fri 15th Nov (Sports Uniform Day) Drama & Performing Arts Program
Sports Skills Program
Mon 18th Nov MFB Fire Education Program (Pearls)
Wed 20th Nov (Sports Uniform Day) Tennis Coaching Program – Keon Park Tennis Club (3.30-5.00pm)
Fri 22nd Nov (Sports Uniform Day) Drama & Performing Arts Program
Sports Skills Program
Thursday 28th November Year 6 Graduation Dinner (Il Gambero, Carlton)
Wednesday 4th December Instrumental Music Recital (9.30-10.30am in Music Room)
Monday 9th December End-Of-Year Twilight School Celebration Event (5.30-8.30pm on school grounds)
Wednesday 11th December Final student day for 2019

A Little Ray of Giving
You may recall over the past three years that our school joined with the Reservoir Office of Ray White R/E to donate a gift to their “A Little Ray of Giving” charitable initiative. In 2019 we will once again be supporting this activity. We are looking at collecting new toys/items for children aged from newborn to 18. All gifts, big and small, will make a difference! The gift should be wrapped, with an indication of whether it is for a boy or girl and outlining the age group as well.  Please drop off your gifts to the General Office and we will get the SRC students to organise things, as they have done so well over the last few years. On behalf of the RSC students and student leaders, we thank you in anticipation of your support.

CBE for Leaders of Consciousness-Based School

During the past week it has been a pleasure to welcome back Frances Clarke, the school’s foundation Principal, who now travels to different countries around the world to introduce CBE to schools and education authorities. Frances has been conducting this professional development program in full for me and in part to the School Board to further enhance our knowledge and implementation of CBE in the context of leading our school community even more effectively on the founding philosophy and principles of our school.

It is important that we continue to review and revise the SCI curriculum which is integrated with the Victorian School Curriculum and implemented across all year levels of our school. The two main components are:

the practice by our students of the Word of Wisdom or the Transcendental Meditation technique
The Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI) Principles and Fundamentals of Growth that are common to all subjects of study, undertaken by our students, to the world around them, and to their own lives as they grow to fulfill their unique potential.

Our goal is to accelerate the development of the students’ innate creative potential, to give them the means to unfold their unique abilities as they grow in joy, confidence, compassion and wisdom.

Frances’ knowledge and wisdom continues to provide all of us with an even deeper insight into the benefits we already know and see in our students as a result of the guidance provided to them by their classroom and specialist teachers.