Newsletter #11 11/11/2020

Principal’s Report

Our Year 6 Graduates
Our Year 6 students proudly displayed their “Updated” Jackets on Monday for which the school gifted the embroidered wording “CLASS OF 2020”. This is intended as one of the initiatives we have considered to acknowledge the interruption to their final year of primary school.

I expect our Year 5 students will be looking at these jackets closely and looking forward to the school repeating the gesture in 2021. In the meantime, our graduates are preparing for their Graduation Event, drafting their speeches for the event, participating in weekly “Transition to Year 7 Program” sessions and also about to work on their Graduate Yearbook.

It is an important time for our Year 6 students who are such shining lights within our school. When visitors or parents attend our school or take tours, I point them to our Year 6 students each year to get a sense for what the valuable partnership between families and school can have in the contribution we each make to each student’s development over the years they attend Maharishi School.

Celebration Evening
It is with much sadness that due to the limitations placed on the school by the COVID restrictions, especially in the latter part of 2020, the school has made a decision to replace this year’s Celebration Evening event with a Student Assembly that will take place during the school day. Although one of the highlights in our school’s calendar at this time each year, the restrictions we’ve faced, together with our inability to plan with any confidence for where Victoria would be by 7th December, has meant we have not been able to prepare and proceed with confidence.

However, we plan to celebrate the important elements of the event at the school – the presentation of certificates to each child, the presentation of school awards and the announcement of Student Leadership positions for 2021. This will take place at the Student Assembly which will be filmed and posted on our School Portal for parents and extended family. We are also investigating ways in which we may live stream the event to you in real time.

School Photos (Reminder)
We’re excited that restrictions have eased enough in metropolitan Melbourne that now enable school photos to be taken. School photos are one constant we rely on each year to help us keep a record of all the people with whom we spent that school year. Tuesday 17th is our School Photo Day.

The details for this year are as follows:
There is no need to return any forms or money to school before the day.
Unique codes will be issued to all students on/after photo day so you can register online to view your child’s images. To register, follow the simple instructions on your child’s individualised flyer once you receive it.
When images are completed and in the webshop, all parents who have registered will be notified by SMS and email so they can then view and order photos.
To ensure you are purchasing school photos for the current year, please wait for notifications that 2020 images are ready to view before placing orders.

All students should be in their Summer Uniform, including white socks (shin height) and black school shoes. Photos will be taken with the white polo top as the outer garment. There should not be any coloured clothing under the polo top that is visible. Hair should be neat with school-coloured ribbons/clips only. Leggings or tights are not part of the Summer Uniform and should not be worn. Please refer to Newsletter #10 for the flyer that has further details.

Sporting Schools Program
The school will be running a number of sporting activities onsite on Friday afternoons (2.00-3.00pm), beginning this week and running for 4 sessions in total on successive Fridays, run by coaches under teacher supervision:
Athletics – Pearls & Sapphires
Touch Football – Diamonds and Emeralds.
Table Tennis – Sapphires, Diamonds and Emeralds
Bocce – Sapphires, Diamonds and Emeralds

Please ensure your child attends school each Friday in the Sports Uniform to support their active participation in their allocated sport.

Key Dates
Fri 13th Nov Sporting Schools Program
Mon 16th Nov Parent Group Meditation with Suzi (via Zoom) – please contact Suzi for the link.
Family Planning Victoria Session 2 (Emeralds)
Tues 17th Nov School Photo Day
Wed 18th Nov Author Visit – Ingrid Laguna (Diamonds/Emeralds)
Tues 24th Nov Family Planning Victoria Session 3 (Emeralds)
Wed 25th Nov Civics & Citizenships Incursion (Diamonds)
Thurs 26th Nov Year 6 Graduation Dinner
Fri 27th Nov Year 6 Rite of Passage Walk (Darebin Parklands)

Our New Mud Kitchen
We enjoyed surprising our students this week. On their arrival to school on Monday morning, they looked curiously at the “new structure” next to the sandpit. Upon closer investigation, they could see the work of the construction fairies who visited our school over the weekend and built us a new mud kitchen for the enjoyment of our students. We will add to the kitchen over coming weeks and next year but the pots & pans and utensils are already hanging on the hooks and being used extensively.
We will be supplying aprons for the students so that their clean white polo tops (mostly) remain that way!!

Creativity, Care & Fun in the Classroom!
As a fun offshoot from our Semester 2 theme of ‘Space’, the Sapphires students have been busily designing and constructing rockets made from boxes and recycled materials. Creativity, compromise and teamwork skills were needed, and resulted in a lot of laughter and fun (and some rather interesting spaceships).