Archived: Newsletter #1 01/02/2019

Principal’s Report:

Welcome to the 2019 School Year

On behalf of the School Board and Staff of Maharishi School, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all students,
parents and extended family members to our school for the 2019 school year. An extra-special welcome is extended to
the new families who have joined our school community this year.

The summer holiday break between school years gives most of us the opportunity to spend quality time with our family,
friends and loved ones as well as enjoying some well-deserved down time. The staff have returned to school incredibly
motivated and enthusiastic about the year ahead. We hope you and your children feel the same as we embark upon
what I hope proves to be a year of growth and prosperity for the school and for us as individuals.
During the break, we have been busy at the school undertaking a range of works that we hope will enhance the school
experience for our students, teachers, parents and extended families. I might even have a student (and parent)
competition to see who can list all the changes that have taken place. You know that I like you coming back to something
new and exciting after each break.

We will be welcoming five students from China on Thursday 7th February and a further two on Monday 11th
February. Students will stay with us until Friday 15th February. During their stay, our own students will be
offered the opportunity to participate in a Dumpling Making class after school on Thursday 7th and a Lantern
Making class after school on Tuesday 12th. We are fortunate this year to have a parent of one of our Chinese
students run the Dumpling Making class as she is a chef in a five star hotel in Shenzhen. We will send home an
enrolment form for these after-school classes early next week.

After evaluating the Swimming Program over the past 3 years, we have decided to shift it to Term 4. We would like to
continue attending as a whole school so we feel the maturity and development of our younger students would be better
suited to a Term 4 Program. As a result, we have reorganised our external Sports Programs for the year as follows:

Term 1: Indoor Sports
Term 2: Gymnastics
Term 4: Swimming

*Please note that students should wear their Sports Uniform only on Wednesday and Friday.

2019 School Organisation
The structure in place for our school in 2019:
Year Prep (Pearls) – Liz Watt
Years 1/2 (Sapphires) & Art – Leisa James
Years 3/4 (Diamonds) – Susie Burnham
Years 5/6 (Emeralds) – Samantha Russell
Science/Auslan – Raja Aston
Music – Katrina Wilson O’Brien
PE/Athletics (Term 1) – Terry Knape
Teacher Aides – Julie Carter, Gabby Welch, Karina Aston
Piano Teacher – Nick Aston
Guitar Teacher – Luke Miller
Administration – Suzi Haynes
Accounts – Wilma Wilson
Principal – Steve Charisis

Please note (as per the school’s Communication Policy distributed to families via the 2018 Parent & Student Handbook):
Formal channels of communication with teachers include telephone calls to the school or using the teacher’s email
address. Parents should not communicate with teachers via text or calls to mobile phones (as has previously been the
practice at the school).

After School Care:

During Term One, Before-School Care will be available each day of the week. After-School Care will be available four afternoons per week; Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday, as the Tennis Coaching Program will be offered each Wednesday at the Keon Park Tennis Club. We strongly urge parents to make contact with the school as early as possible to secure a place on the preferred day(s). This should be done by contacting Suzi at the school’s main Office.

Infrastructure Works and Traffic Management Around Maharishi School

1. City of Darebin Roadworks
The City of Darebin will be undertaking traffic management works at the intersection of Dundee Street and Hickford Street. The works aim to improve pedestrian safety and reduce vehicle speed by providing a raised pavement threshold across Dundee Street at the intersection with Hickford Street.
Unfortunately the Council did not consult with us prior to scheduling the works so the first we heard about it was this week from the contractor. I have since contacted the City of Darebin to express my disappointed with their scheduling and to discuss alternative arrangements, as the works were scheduled to commence on Monday. We have since agreed to begin on Tuesday 5th February to avoid disruption on the first day of school. The work should also be expedited so that it only takes one week to complete instead of three.
This will impact our school during the period of construction as it will not be possible to enter or exit Dundee Street at the Hickford Street intersection. You will only be able to enter Dundee Street from the north, that is, at the Dundee/Greenock Sts. intersection. If you choose to do this you will have to make a U-turn after dropping off your children. It is undesirable to have too many cars do this at peak times. I strongly recommend that you avoid this and instead park on Hickford or other surrounding streets and walk to the school with your children. It will only be for a week and doing a little extra walking gives you the opportunity to reinforce good road safety practices with your children.
Please ensure that grandparents and other family members who drop off or collect children are also aware of this disruption and they also make alternative arrangements.
Ultimately, I encourage everyone to use common sense and not allow “convenience” to dictate your actions. Your safety and that of children is paramount in our minds. I thank you in anticipation of your support and understanding of our advice and recommendations.

2. Metro – Reservoir Train Station Works
Construction is underway to remove the level crossing in Reservoir on the Mernda line, with major works commencing in January. To enable the installation of temporary station facilities and accommodate construction equipment, there will be changes to Reservoir Station facilities and around the station precinct.
Our school has been identified as one with students, staff and associated stakeholders that may be impacted by these changes. All families should make arrangements that take these works into consideration when planning the time it will take to arrive to school on time.

Instrumental Music Program – Piano & Guitar Lessons:
Any parent wishing to enrol their child(ren) in the Piano or Guitar Programs should contact the school office. Individual and group lessons are both offered. Limited spots available.

Key Dates
Monday 4th February 2019 Term 1 begins for students
School Assembly @ 9.00am
Wednesday 6th February Induction session for visiting Chinese Students
Thursday 7th February Chinese Students begin their Short-Term Study Program
Dumpling Making (3.30- 5.00pm in MPH)
Friday 8th February PE Classes (IAAF Athletics Program) for Sapphires, Diamonds & Emeralds
Indoor Sports Program (Bundoora Action Sports)
Tuesday 12th February Lantern Making (3.30- 5.00pm in MPH)
Wednesday 13th February Tennis Coaching Program (3.30- 5.00pm at Keon Park Tennis Club)
Friday 15th February PE Classes (IAAF Athletics Program) for Sapphires, Diamonds & Emeralds
Indoor Sports Program (Bundoora Action Sports)
Final Day for Chinese students – Farewell Assembly at 3.00pm in MPH

All 2019 Term Dates and Events can be found on the 2019 School Planner that was sent to all families late last year.

I would like to wish us all a happy, healthy and fulfilling school year together.

Steve Charisis – Principal