Maharishi School, Reservoir: Newsletter #8

Principal’s Report
Administration Building – Official Opening Ceremony
I would like to acknowledge and thank our parent community for the support you showed us in attending the Opening Ceremony on Monday for our Administration Building. I was proud to see so many people return to the school at 11.00 after attending our Assembly earlier in the morning. It was a wonderful occasion that enabled us to showcase our students and school environment.

SRC Meeting
On Wednesday 1st June, our student leaders joined me for lunch in my office. Our School Captains conducted their first SRC Meeting with the Pearls and Emeralds Class Captains. This forum provides a great opportunity for our students to learn about how to be part of a more formal gathering where everyone is given the chance to contribute and discuss the issues that arise.
We discussed a range of great ideas that were generated by the students of each class and are now in the process of investigating the possibility of how these suggestions might be put into action.

Open Day
The school has its Open Day on Thursday 16th June. This day is for our current school families as well as those in the wider community who we would like to see consider Maharishi School as a “school of choice’ for their children. Please feel free to attend with your extended family to see our school in action. Equally as important is our wish for you to feel comfortable enough to “spread the word” about our school to others and invite them to attend a tour, whether on Open Day or at another time. We have attached our two-page flyer for you to see. If you would like some copies to give to others, please come and see us at the Office.

Library Assistance Needed
I am seeking the assistance of any parents who may be able to contribute a few hours throughout the week to assist us in auditing the books we have in our new School Library. The task requires you to enter details of each book onto an Excel spreadsheet. This will enable us to have an accurate record of what we currently have on our shelves as well as preparing us for future investment in a library software package. Please contact me to express your interest and availability.

Pupil-Free Days
This is a reminder of the upcoming Pupil-Free days:
Friday 10th June – Student Report Writing Day
Friday 24th June – Staff Planning and Preparation Day

Performances in the Principal’s Office
Recently, I was treated to some wonderful class performances in my office. Ms O’Brien prepared each of our classes to showcase to me a sample of what the Music Program was offering the students.
It was a privilege to see them in action.

Steve Charisis
A Presentation for Parents on the Science of Creative Intelligence The next Parent Group Meditation on Tuesday 7th June will be followed by a knowledge meeting to explain the SCI course
which is one the four components of Consciousness-Based Education. The students thoroughly enjoy studying the SCI principles so we would like to give parents a greater appreciation of the value of this study of natural law for the students. All parents are invited to attend this meeting which will commence at 2.15 pm. If you are unable to attend and would like to hear this session, please let me know and I will arrange another presentation.Frances Clarke

Maharishi School Alumni
All former students of Maharishi School are warmly invited to join the Maharishi School Alumni. The first meeting will be an afternoon tea on Sunday the 5th June at 2pm. Meetings, which will include a group meditation, will then be held on the first Sunday of each month at 2pm. These meeting will give past students a chance to re-establish former friendships and make new ones while helping to plan activities for our 20th Anniversary celebration.

Please forward this invitation to any former students with whom you are in contact.
Frances Clarke

Key Dates
Report Writing Day (Pupil-Free Day) Friday 10th June
Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday Monday 13th June
Scienceworks Excursion Tuesday 14th June
Hoop Time (Diamonds) Wednesday 15th June
School Open Day Thursday 16th June
Hoop Time (Minis) Monday 20th June
End Term 2 (Students) Thursday 23rd June
End Term 2 (Staff) Friday 24th June
Begin Term 3 Monday 11th July

Parliament House Excursion – by Esther Jones 23/5/16
On Friday 20th of May we went to Parliament House. We started by meeting at Ruthven Station. We got on the train at 8:10. We got off at Parliament Station. We met a guy called Phil who was part of the security. He told us about his job and which way we had to go to get to Parliament.

When we got there, we ate our snack on the steps of Parliament. When it was time for our tour, we went inside. The first thing I learnt was that they are very thorough with their security! We had to go through these things that detect metal that they have at the airport.
Not long after we had finished with the security, our tour guide Sarah came out. We put our bags away and went to the Legislative As-sembly. We watched a Prezi and learnt that Parliament (the building) isn’t quite finished and never will be.

After the presentation, Ms Russell and Miss James nominated people to be roles in our role-play:
Minh-Tam: Premier
Leni: Leader of the Opposition
Mikayla: Minister for Health
Zaid: Shadow Minister for Health
Abhi: Speaker
Emily: Clerk
Gok: Sergeant-at-arms

Everyone else was a representative for a town/area.
The role-play was loads of fun. Sarah was very surprised when Minh-Tam went against his own bill!!
The architecture was amazing! There was lots of 23 and ½ carat gold painted in the walls! It was very detailed.
We had such a fun day. I loved it!

Timothy sighed as Uncle Joe hacked the leaves covering them using a machete. They were in the jungle.
“Uncle, when are we stopping?”
“As soon as we find that plant!”
It had been weeks since they had first landed in a helicopter. The scientists at the Centre believed that the plant called: “Argolis tum-nifics xinofius” was used by ancient healers in Neolithic times. It was thought to be extinct because the healers used so much. But re-cently a rich aristocrat family went camping in the jungle and they took a video at night telling scary stories. The stories was so scary that the father of the family posted onto YouTube. When the scientist were taking a day of watching the scary stories, they noticed the “ATX” plant on the corner where the family was camping.
Now they had requested Uncle Joe (their best explorer, scientist) with his nephew (Tim) to take the plants little nuts to grow them at the observatory centre.
It was becoming nightfall and Timothy lay down to rest with his Uncle. They had ran out of rations, so tonight was…Caterpillar roasted with stale bread. With a side with crickets. “Yuck!” Tim thought. Then he reluctantly took a nibble. His Uncle though, wolfed it down.
“Good stuff this is mate!” said his Uncle with his mouth full.
As the golden globe went down south dipping itself below the canopy of the million leaves, Tim snored loudly.
As Tim woke up his Uncle tapped his shoulder: “Mate, we should get going.”
Tim nodded and packed his stuff. “I’m going to explore Tim, I’ll be back soon!” shouted his Uncle.
“Yes, I heard you Uncle Joe.”
As Uncle Joe disappeared into the thick trunks of the towering trees, Tim spotted something. He was looking around when he saw something wooden poking up from beneath the ground. He dug it out and examined it. It was a box.
It was small and wooden with bronze straps layering it. It looked rusty and broken. But it didn’t budge when Tim tried opening it.
Tim’s curiosity told him to take it back to the lab and open it. Tim put it in his bag and put his hat on.
Suddenly, out of the bushes leapt Uncle Joe!
In his hand held three brownish aqua seeds.
“Uncle, are you sure that is the “ATX” seed?”
“Yup, Professor Harold’s picture! Exactly the same seed! Come on! Let’s sprint back to the rendezvous point!”
One month later…
Tim took the box and placed it on the workbench. Tim had tried smacking it, cracking it, bashing it, smashing it, cracking it, throwing it, crushing it but nothing seemed to work. Also he had cranked open the bronze strappings and it still didn’t work!
He looked at it and opened it slowly and carefully and it… opened!
Inside was a scroll and a small book.
Tim opened the book and read.
“Dear diary, I decide that I will flee the castle and live a happy life. The knights are treating me like rubbish just because I accidentally tripped over knocking wine over them in the palace. My father and mother disowns me and the king has sent me into exile.”
“I am writing this because I hope however finds this has a better life.”
Servant Jimmy Somethis.
Tim flipped to the rest of the book but it was full of drawings of knights, armour, weapons and castles.
He looked at the scroll and it was about the king banishing the servant.
Tim smiled and kept this secret to him forever.