Maharishi School, Reservoir: Newsletter #15

Principal’s Report
Dear Parents and Students,

I’d like to warmly welcome you all back to the beginning of our last school term for 2016. What a wonderful year we have
already shared and so much more is planned for this term to bring together our community even more tightly than we
currently enjoy.

This week’s School Newsletter provides a brief overview to the events that are immediately coming up in our calendar.

After School Programs
Please note that the Basketball Program which was offered to students on Thursday after school is not continuing this term.
The program was only scheduled for 6 weeks during Term 3.

This term, we are looking at offering our students the opportunity to participate in after-school activities for up to two days
per week. One will be the Sporting Schools Program while the other is offered to our school by Keon Park Tennis Club.

As well as offering our students the opportunity to be involved in more physical activity, the school is attempting to assist
parents who would appreciate an after-school program that gives you greater flexibility with picking up your children later
on two nights per week.

An “Expression of Interest” letter was sent home yesterday to ask for your interest in enrolling your child(ren) in one or both
of the programs outlined below. We expect there will be around 20 places available in each.

Sporting Schools Program
The sports we have selected for Term 4 are Soccer and Hockey. Each program will run for 4 weeks on Thursdays after
school. It is anticipated the starting date will be Thursday 20th October but this still needs to be confirmed.

Tennis Clinics
In association with Keon Park Tennis Club, we are inviting students aged from 6 years and upwards to participate in FREE
AFTER SCHOOL TENNIS COACHING CLASSES starting Wednesday 19th October from 4pm to 5.30pm at Keon Park Tennis
Club situated at Donath Reserve, Wagga Road, Keon Park.

The program is run by qualified professional coaches, with tennis balls, tennis racquets and light refreshments supplied.
School staff will walk the students to the tennis club where they will then remain under the supervision of the tennis
coaches and program coordinators. Parents will be expected to pick up their children from the tennis club at 5.30pm.

School Uniform – Term 4
All students should now be wearing their Summer Uniform which also includes the compulsory wearing of a hat. Students without a hat will be directed away from open-space areas and to fully-shaded areas instead.

Term 4 Class Captains

Our Class Captains for Term 3 – Maya Constable, Jamie Gioskos, Isabella Mihos and Alec Sharan will soon be coming to their end of their tenure. I’d like to congratulate them all on their conscientious approach to their role and their enthusias-tic involvement in our SRC Meetings.
Our Term 4 Class Captains will be announced at the Morning Assembly on Monday 17th October.

School Photos

Our School Photo Day has nearly arrived!
On Thursday 13th October, the school will have a range of photos taken including whole school, class groups, individual
portraits, sibling photos and a number of other ‘special category’ groups we have identified.

The students will be wearing their summer uniform. Guidelines for the day will be sent out prior to Photo Day.

Tournament of Minds
On Wednesday we have representatives of the Tournament of Minds program coming to our school to present to our
Diamonds and Emeralds students, with a view to our school’s participation in the program in 2017.
Tournament of Minds (TOM) is an Australian educational program developed especially, but not exclusively, for talented and creative students across all sectors of primary and secondary school education. It provides a dynamic approach to learning, whilst developing students’ enthusiasm for experimentation, problem finding and problem-solving. Students are formed into vertically grouped team structures at Primary and Secondary levels, and undertake one of the four discipline groups: Science Technology; Engineering Mathematics; Language Literature; and Social Sciences. The team members work together for six weeks – without assistance from teachers, parents or peers – to develop a creative way to communicate their solution to a panel of judges and an audience, working within pre-determined parameters, complex criteria and the deadline of Tournament Day. The teams must also participate in an unseen Spontaneous Challenge on the day.

Many of us at the school have previous experience with the program and can attest to its value to a school community and to the students who participate.

This Friday we resume our Friday afternoon sporting program. During Term 4 the students will participate in a Gymnastics Program at PIT Gymnastics, Mill Park.

Term 1 2017
The beginning of the school year is an important time for students to be at school. Please take this into consideration when planning family holidays.

Term 1 next year will begin on Wednesday 1st February and end on Friday 31st March.
Further details about the 2017 school year will be published shortly but government school term dates can be used as a guideline for those requiring this information earlier.

Steve Charisis