Maharishi School, Reservoir: Newsletter #14

Principal’s Report

Dear Parents and Students,

School Production
We are very keen for parents to lend their assistance so that we can achieve a “sharing of the load” to finish our costumes for our school production. Helpers are required each morning for a short period of time. You will be guided as to what is required. No specialised skills needed. Please volunteer at least one hour of your time.

After the production next Wednesday evening, we would like to invite all families to stay back at the theatre to share and enjoy cakes, tea and coffee provided by the school to celebrate the event.
School Uniform Transition Period

We have begun our Winter to Summer transition period for our school uniform. This means that during the final two weeks of this term, students are able to wear either Winter or Summer Uniform, depending on the climate. At the beginning of Term 4, everyone is expected to wear their Summer Uniform. The beginning of Term 4 will also see our Sunsmart Policy take effect. All students must wear their school hat when playing outside and apply sunscreen before school and prior to the lunch break.

Fathers’ Day Breakfast
I was thrilled to hear of the success of our first Fathers’ Day Breakfast at the school on Friday. Unfortunately a prior
commitment to a Principals’ Conference meant I missed out on experiencing the wonderful community spirit that I am told was enjoyed by everyone present.
Thank you to the PFA for their successful organisation of this event. The last pages of this edition of the newsletter capture the morning perfectly.

Fred Hollows Humanity Award Victorian Presentation Ceremony
The Fred Hollows Humanity Award recognises Year 6 students from the ACT, NSW, VIC & TAS who are following in Fred’s footsteps by making a positive difference in their community.
Whether it’s volunteering, raising awareness for a cause, or simply showing compassion for others, no act is too small to celebrate.

We are proud to share with you the news that one of our School Captains, Mikayla Gioskos, will be attending Parliament House this Wednesday to be recognised at a presentation ceremony for this award. Mikayla was
nominated by Ms Russell who has observed Mikayla’s contribution to school life and beyond over several years.

One Junior Ambassador from each state will also be announced. These Junior Ambassadors will extend their humanity to the world by allocating $5000 each to a Fred Hollows Foundation program of their choice to help end avoidable blindness!

Congratulations Mikayla and good luck!

End of Term 3
We have scheduled some works over the coming school holiday period that should make a significant impact to the school. All going well, the following is planned:
a. The paling fence on the north and west sides of our new grassed area will be removed
b. The 6 portaloos will be removed and ground levelling will be undertaken to eliminate the drop between the current and new sites
c. The shipping container at the front of the school will be removed
d. A fresh load of sand for our sandpit
e. Portable soccer and football goalposts to be installed and some line-marking to define these playing areas
f. A general tidying up of garden areas, paths, etc.

We hope to welcome everyone back to term 4 with these important changes that we hope bring a wide smile to the faces of our students. Other things to look forward to in Term 4 include:
a. School Photos – Thursday 13th October
b. The return of the Gymnastics program on Friday afternoons
c. The school choir resuming after a short hiatus
d. The Year 6 Graduation Dinner
e. The Maharishi School end-of-year ‘Celebration Evening’
f. A Tournament of Minds incursion that will inform and give our students a sense of expectation for our inclusion in the program in 2017

As this is the last newsletter for Term 3, I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe end to the term and similarly for the holiday period. It has been an incredibly fulfilling term for me and the staff, as your children make it a delight for us all as educators, each and every day we are here.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our school production next Wednesday evening and the School Disco next Thursday evening.

Parent Meditation Group
On Monday 12th of September the school would like to trial a post-assembly meditation session for parents. We believe it would be a good opportunity for the many parents who stay for assembly to also remain for a further half an hour and enjoy a morning meditation session with Ros Johnson.

Steve Charisis

PFA News
As I was going through my PFA folder last week, I found an unopened envelope in amongst my notes. I was delightfully
surprised to find a cheque for $1000 donated to the PFA by a “grateful parent”. I was humbled by this most kind gesture and very proud to be part of such a wonderful and generous community. My sincere apologies for not recognising this earlier.

The cheque was dated from June and I had placed the unopened envelope in my files but forgot to go back to it.
A big thank you to our wonderful benefactor, we really appreciate your support.

Below is a reminder of the upcoming events:

Father’s and Special Person’s Day Breakfast:
Our first ever PFA Father’s and Special Person’s day breakfast was held in the multi-purpose room on Friday 2nd Septem-ber. There was a great turn out of Dads and Special People to enjoy a delicious pastry breakfast along with great coffee and tea that was served by the children. The ladies who organised and volunteered for the event did an exceptional job. On behalf of all who attended, I would like to say a big thank you to all involved (parents, children and staff) in making it such a special morning.
End-of-Term Children’s Disco:
When: Thursday 15th September between 5:00pm and 8:00pm.
RSVP: Monday 12th September at the office.
Get your dancing shoes on and get ready to party for our first ever end-of-term disco. All of the Maharishi students are
invited to a fun night of dancing to celebrate the end of Term 3. Pizza and drinks and some great tunes will be provided.
Trivia Night (Adult Event):
When: Term 4.
Flag this event with your family and friends who you can bring together for a great time at the Maharishi Trivia Night. There will be silent auctions and a raffle with great prizes on offer. We will keep you posted with regular updates.
Joe Agati, President Maharishi School PFA
The Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) Parents’ Website
The Parents’ Website of Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) has been up and running now for several months. The aim is to provide relevant, up-to-date information for the parents of the more than 132,000 students in over 200 Member Schools.
The Parents’ Website <> of Independent Schools Victoria aims to cover the issues that matter to the parents of Independent school students; the dangers of ‘perfectionism’ for girls, the future of handwriting, ‘mindful’ parenting, and supporting students through the stresses of VCE are some of the issues explored.
In addition, the website has celebrated the great work in our school communities.
Parents are invited to subscribe to the website, and receive regular updates on the latest postings on the site. You can visit the website and click on the ‘Subscribe’ tab at the top of the page.

Hoop Time:
Hoop Time is when you go to a basketball stadium and you play against other teams playing basketball. On the 5th
September the Emeralds participated in Hoop Time. There were two teams, one called Maharishi Mercury and the other was called Maharishi Meteors. Over the day there were four games, Maharishi Mercury won all four games and Maharishi Meteors won three games. It was heaps of fun being a part of a team and working together. It was also great for building team strategies. A huge thank you to Mrs Watt and Mrs Burnham for supporting and coaching us and also organising the event, and another big thanks to all the parents who came and supported us.
Emily Agati, Year 6.