Maharishi School Educational Philosophy

Maharishi School Educational Philosophy

Maharishi School values the individual child for who they are – and has practical programs to develop each student’s full potential. In a small school, you have a much greater chance of maintaining and developing that individuality. In larger schools, our experiences tell us that to manage a large population of students, there is more of a “moulding to a stereotype” that occurs. Larger schools have greater inflexibility, things are more black and white and there are a multitude of examples of children “slipping through the cracks” because of that inflexibility. At Maharishi School it is wonderful to know and be known by everyone. This reflects a true sense of “family”.

At the core of the school’s philosophy is the integration of Consciousness-Based Education, incorporating Transcendental Meditation, and the benefits this provides to each child in all aspects of their development. The Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI) Principles that are incorporated into our teaching and learning programs contribute to a greater depth of understanding for our students and foster a love of learning that values the development of skills and knowledge with an inquiry-based approach.

Since the school’s foundation year in 1997, our teachers have welcomed students each year into an environment that promotes the holistic development of the child. We all love our children for who they are. Having a happy, well-rounded and balanced child should make any parent beam with delight. It is these children who, as research and anecdotal evidence have shown, are more likely to succeed in life, presuming we all agree about how we should define “success in life”. The common traits of these children are: individuality, confidence, positive self-esteem and outlook, knowing of self, resilience, empathy and care for others, persistence, calmness, well-balanced in thought and emotion, an ability to be articulate and socially adept, and to handle diversity.  There are so many more traits, of course, that reflect each person’s individuality. The advantage of having these traits is that they are most of the key elements that we, as adults, recognise as forming the strong foundation that young people need as they move through the most important stages in their lives – from childhood to adolescence to adulthood.

Our school community values the holistic development of their children. There is too much emphasis today on measuring a child’s success by their reading level, their NAPLAN results or, eventually, the ATAR score they receive at the end of Year 12. These aspects of learning are undoubtedly important but they do not define us. What should define us all is who we are as people and how we contribute to our world in our own personal and professional capacities. This is one of our school’s “points of difference” to other schools.

Maharishi School provides what parents and students value:

  • Good teachers
  • A supportive and caring environment
  • Good facilities
  • Educational excellence
  • An orderly and safe environment
  • Small class sizes
  • Reinforcement of moral values.

Our staff and students respond positively to such an environment and feel valued, empowered and supported, which is reflected in students’ outcomes and achievement.

In accordance with best practice for educational institutions, Maharishi School has joined the National Redress Scheme (NRS). No claims have been made under the NRS relating to the operation of the school.