Archived: Issue #9 07/08/2018

Boite School Choir Performance

On Wednesday our school choir will join with close to 300 other students from around Victoria to be part of an event that will remain a special memory for them for many years to come as they perform at the Melbourne Town Hall.

Students in our School Choir should be brought by their parents to the Town Hall by 4.00pm where I will await with 3 Parent Helpers to supervise their rehearsal and prepare them for their performance. Please refer to the Information Sheet distributed after Choir Practice last week for full details about the arrangements and expectations for the day, including the early pick-up of students from school on the day.

Science Week – Monday 13th to Friday 17th August

Mrs Aston has organised a ‘Science Splurge’ at which the students will be presenting a range of science experiments and activities. This will take place on Thursday 16th August from 2.30pm-4.00pm in the Multi-Purpose Hall. Parents are invited to attend to see our students in action.

Book Week – Monday 20th to Friday 24th

Monday 20th: Book Character Dress Up Parade

Your children may soon be asking you for assistance to help them dress up as their favourite book character. Make sure you come to the Parade on Monday 20th. This event has always been a great success so we look forward to seeing what our students will come up with this year! Other activities have been organised by Mrs Watt leading up to that week.

In the week prior to and also during Book Week, parents are invited to visit the Library to view the Scholastic Book Fair, where a large range of books and other literacy-based materials will be available for purchase.

Father’s Day Breakfast

Our traditional Father’s Day & Special Persons Breakfast will be held this year on Monday 3rd September.

Our PFA Committee is not in operation this year so it is even more important that our school community steps up when such events are scheduled. We would like to invite mums and others to offer their assistance for that morning and in the lead up to the occasion. Please contact Suzi at the Office to express your interest to assist. Many hands make light work We look forward to making the occasion another special day for our school community.

Parent Helpers Needed Urgently:

Friday 10th August – Yr. 5/6 Basketball

Monday 13th August – setting up the Book Fair in the Library

Friday 17th August – Yr. 3/4 Basketball

Monday 3rd September – Father’s Day Breakfast

Key Dates

Wednesday 8th August Boite Choir Performance (Melbourne Town Hall )

Thursday 9th August Australian Mathematics Competition

Friday 10th August KPDSA Basketball Tournament (Years 5/6) at Reservoir HS

Wednesday 15th August Living & Growing Program (Session 1)

After-School Basketball Program (3.30-4.30pm)

Friday 17th August KPDSA Basketball Tournament (Years 3/4) at Reservoir HS

Wednesday 22nd August Living & Growing Program (Session 2)

After-School Basketball Program (3.30-4.30pm)

Sunday 26th August Alumni Breakfast (Maharishi School MPH: 10.30am-12.00pm)

Friday 31st August KPDSA Indoor Soccer Tournament (Years 5/6) at Reservoir HS

Monday 3rd September Father’s Day Breakfast

Guru Purnima

On Friday 27th July, the staff and students commemorated Guru Purnima with a lovely assembly at school just prior to Snack Time. We shared the occasion with students making wishes and “I’m grateful for…..” statements. This most auspicious day on the Vedic calendar holds great meaning and significance for our students and school community so it warmed our hearts to hear our students share their feelings for their teachers and others who have guided them so far in their young lives.

Respectful Relationships at Maharishi School

At the Maharishi School, our key philosophy is to support the natural growth of each child’s creative intelligence through a consciousness-based approach. Maharishi said that “Creative Intelligence brings together opposite values in harmony”. We understand that each individual has their own unique contribution to be made to society. SCI Principles such as “Opposites are found together” and “The whole is more than the sum of the parts” emphasise these points. The Fundamental of Growth “Integration” encourages our students to be open-heartedly inclusive of all, and on this topic of integration, Maharishi beautifully said, “integration unites differences”.

Accordingly, we are enthusiastically embracing and delivering a program called “Respectful Relationships” across our whole school. The program, which is a core component of the Victorian Curriculum, promotes and models respect, positive attitudes and behaviours. It teaches our children how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence. This term, the teachers are so pleased to be facilitating formal timetabled Respectful Relationships sessions and activities in each grade on Friday afternoons 1- 3, before or after our Drama sessions with Mr Cove.

On display in the Multi-Purpose Room is a wonderfully appealing, rich and diverse collection of literature which provide examples to our students of respect, equality and inclusivity across a number of important topics. Subjects presented range from empowerment of girls and women to the breaking of gender stereotypes for both boys and girls (for example, “Tough guys have feelings too”), to embracing our Indigenous Australian cultures and heritage (e.g., “Welcome to Country”). After all, “you can’t be what you can’t see”. We invite you to peruse these beautiful books any time you are at the school.

For more information on Respectful Relationships, we encourage you to visit the Victorian government Respectful Relationships site:

We would also both like to share a wonderful online resource that we subscribe to called ‘A Mighty Girl”. The newsletter is great and full of wonderful articles, stories and other resources based around inspirational women and girls. Both of us have found it very inspiring and informative. This week there is an article on Daisy Kadibil – one of the Indigenous women who inspired the book/film “Rabbit Proof Fence”. I would be interested to hear your opinions once you have visited it (with or without your children.)

If you as a parent have a connection to any local community group or excellent website supporting respect and inclusivity, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the school office. We would like to finish this piece with a great quote that illustrates the power of our words.

“My coach said I run like a girl. And I said if he ran a little faster, he could too.”

Mia Hamm (two time Olympic Gold medallist).

Warm regards from your Respectful Relationships coordinators,

Leisa James and Sam Russell

Meditation Room

The Emeralds are very much enjoying the special space allocated in the school purely for meditation practice. This term on Wednesdays and Fridays, we are spending extended time in the room to focus on our Maharishi yoga asanas and Sun Salutations, which are a part of our unique, holistic Health curriculum. Let’s just say that it is not hard to encourage the Emeralds to relax!

Ms. Russell


This Friday many of our Year 4/5/6 students will participate in the KPDSA Basketball Tournament at Reservoir HS, playing against the other 8 primary schools in our district. Next week is the turn of our Year 2/3/4 students.

Our school has organised basketball clinics for the students, coached by senior players from the Broadmeadows Broncos Basketball Club. We have welcomed Trevon and Mike from the men’s senior team and Kelly and Hannah from the women’s senior team.

We hope to have our students ready to play over the next two Fridays.

Let the dribbling begin!!

Term 3 Sporting Schools Program—Basketball

After concluding our commitments with the School Choir and the Boite Choir Performance this week, the school has organised to fill the void on Wednesday after school by running a Basketball Coaching Program for the remainder of the term. This will be at the same time as choir, that is, 3.30-4.30pm each Wednesday, beginning 15th August. Registration forms will be sent to you this week to register your child’s participation. Coaching will be provided by the Broadmeadows Broncos and likely to include Trevon and Mike who have been coaching our students each Wednesday at lunchtime in preparation for the KPDSA Basketball Tournaments.

Independent Schools Victoria Art Exhibition

Eleven students (and their families) from our school received an invitation to attend the ISV Art Exhibition which is located in the exhibition foyer at 1 Spring St. Melbourne.

What a thrill it was for students to see their piece of artwork hanging on the wall, admired by the hundreds of visitors at the exhibition. The students were given a name tag to wear so that others would recognise them as exhibitors and be able to ask them about their artwork. We were all so very proud of the large number of student artworks selected from our school. It was a lovely night for everyone.

We are in awe of our resident Art Teacher extraordinaire, Ms Leisa James, who continues to astound us with the quality of artwork she is able to guide our students to create. It is truly astonishing and so fulfilling to have her students’ work and her professional capacity recognised in such a way among the 210 Independent Schools in Victoria. We are truly blessed to have her lead our school’s Art Program.

I believe you can still visit the exhibition. Entrance is through the main doors on Flinders Lane.

Steve Charisis – Principal