Archived: Issue #6 31/05/2018

Opening of our New Meditation Room

Over the last few weeks, we been busy preparing for the opening of the next important addition to our school’s facilities.

Maharishi School now has a dedicated Meditation Room for our students. We felt it only appropriate that a school such as ours puts in place a facility where our students (and parents) can enjoy their meditation even more.

Last week I received this lovely message from the TM Teachers who have been so important over the years to the school with their presence on our school site and their involvement within the school’s structure:

We can imagine that the students feel that it will be wonderful to have a dedicated room for their meditation.   The room has been “well primed” for the purpose owing to the many hundreds of hours of Maharishi’s knowledge in TM teaching, meditation and TM-Sidhis which take place there and this will contribute further to the inward flow of their meditation experience. (Faye, Larry, Ros, Joan and Michael, Colin and Lisa)

The “Official Opening” will take place next Monday 4th June immediately after our School Assembly, when all students, parents and staff will be invited to come along to see our beautiful new room. Parents will be invited to join us for a short Opening Ceremony prior to meditating together with our senior students.

School Planning Day

You should all be aware that we are coming up to a long weekend with the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday on Monday 11th June. You should also note, as per our 2018 School Planner that Tuesday 12th June has been allocated as a “School Planning Day’ to enable teachers to comprehensively prepare the Semester One Student Reports. This will of course be a “Student-Free Day”. Students will resume after the long weekend on Wednesday 13th June.

National Reconciliation Week

The theme for NRW2018 is Don’t Keep History a Mystery. This year, our Year 5/6 students will be learning more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, and developing a deeper understanding of our national story. Our School Captains prepared and presented the following at this week’s School Assembly:

This week is Reconciliation Week in Australia. Reconciliation Week reflects on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders past history and experiences, and encourages all Australians to come together. The theme is “Don’t Keep History a Mystery” and we are encouraged to learn, share and therefore grow as a nation. At school this week we will research further on topics related to Reconciliation Week to be a part of learning, sharing and growing.

On Saturday it was Sorry Day, which acknowledges the Stolen Generation. Yesterday it was the 51st anniversary of the 1967 Referendum which gave Aboriginals the right to be included in official national census and no longer being classified as ‘flora and fauna’. At the end of this week, we celebrate the anniversary of the Mabo Land Rights decisions which gave way for returning some land back to the traditional owners.

By Natasha & Maya (School Captains)

TM in the Classroom

After presenting “Maharishi Ayurveda” at the most recent Parent Seminar, Faye spent time with the Emeralds who greatly enjoyed learning more about and discussing the doshas and having self-pulse checks .

Thank you, Faye!

Key Dates

Friday 1st June PE Class + Sports Program-Bundoora Action Indoor Sports

Monday 4th June Official Opening – Maharishi School Meditation Room

Chat With The Principal Morning Tea

Homework Club (3.30 to 5.00)

Wednesday 6th June Lunch Order Day

School Boite Choir (3.30 – 4.30pm)

Friday 8th June PE Class + Sports Program-Bundoora Action Indoor Sports

Monday 11th June Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

Tuesday 12th June Report Writing Day (Student-Free Day)

Wednesday 13th June Excursion to Ripponlea (Pearls & Diamonds)

Lunch Order Day

School Boite Choir (3.30 – 4.30pm)

Friday 15th June PE Class + Sports Program-Bundoora Action Indoor Sports

Monday 18th June Parent Seminar 04/2018 – The Online World for Children

Wednesday 20th June Lunch Order Day

School Boite Choir (3.30 – 4.30pm)

Friday 22nd June PE Class + Sports Program-Bundoora Action Indoor Sports

Monday 25th June Excursion to Parliament House (Emeralds)

Wednesday 27th June Lunch Order Day

School Boite Choir (3.30 – 4.30pm)

Friday 29th June Footy Colours Day

‘Footy Roadshow’+ Sports Program-Bundoora Action Indoor Sports

End of Term 2

2018 School Camp

The recent school camp, attended by our Years 3-6 students was an outstanding success. Queenscliff is such a naturally beautiful area and the camp itself is situated in an ideal location close to the beach. The students enjoyed a wonderful time over the three days and two nights. Two of our students’ letter of thanks to Camp Wyuna are included below for your enjoyment.

Dear Camp Wyuna staff,

Thank you for having us at your wonderful camp. I enjoyed it very much.

Your staff are very experienced as I can tell. There instructions and tips I found very helpful and informative. Ellie helped us with most activity’s she was my favourite! Michael helped us cross the road several times, he also helped Aaron, control our safety in the canoes, and by safety I mean NOT falling in. Belle and Erin served our food. Everyone of your wonderful staff were much more helpful than I expected.

The activities were a complete different story though. I enjoyed splashing and playing in the giant crashing waves on the boogie boards, I loved Mountain Bike riding it was excruciatingly fun and a little bit challenging. I discovered a million new things at the Marine Discovery Centre. I didn’t enjoy canoeing as much as I was quite afraid of the lurking banjo sharks in the freezing murky green waters. The lighthouse was terribly scary as I was afraid the steps would fall to our peril, but the view and experience were wonderfully magnificent all the same.

Thank you for an especially memorable 3 days and 2 nights


Samaya (Year 5)

Dear Camp Wyuna Staff,                      

I’m writing this letter to say thank-you for making our camp wonderful. A special thank you to Ellie, Aaron, Michael, Belle and Erin. They made our camp great. Loved the boogie boarding, canoeing, gaga, the camp fire, the Marine Discovery Centre, the giant sling and the mountain biking. The food was amazing and my favourite meal was the vegie pasta and the potato salad. It was delicious. The camp staff encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and push my abilities to do different things that I haven’t done before. The beach was beautiful and view was amazing. A big highlight of camp was toasting marshmallows. All together it was an exceptional camp!!!!!!!

You’re sincerely,

Maeve (Year 4)

Mother’s Day Breakfast

We enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day Breakfast on Monday 14th May.

How amazing that on that morning we had 2, 3 and even 4 generations of family members attending the Breakfast.

As you will see from the photos below, it was smiles all round as the pastries and the exceptional coffee were prepared for everyone’s enjoyment. Thank you sincerely to all who attended and to those who helped behind the scenes. You helped make the Breakfast an outstanding success.

KPDSA Cross Country Event

On Friday 18th May, four of our students were keen to represent our school in the KPDSA Cross Country Event, competing with students from eight other local schools. We can all be very proud of their achievements. Not bad for their first Cross Country Event, running the distance that each did. Their results were amazing:

9&10 Year Old Girls (2kms)

Sara – 4th

Maeve – 10th

9&10 Year Old Boys (2kms)

Alec – 23rd

11 Year Old Boys (3kms)

Veer – 14th

We await final confirmation but at least Sara will progress to the next stage to compete against students from other districts.