Issue 13

“To all at our dear Maharishi School – Students and Parents, Administration and Teaching Staff and The Principal of MSAE Melbourne

Congratulations on reaching this great milestone in the history of

Consciousness-Based Education, 20 years of growth and development for everyone.

Wishing you all a beautiful celebration, and by unfolding the Self of everyone within,

Unbounded bliss and happiness for every generation to come”

20th Year Celebration Event
See you all at the Rivergum Theatre from 5.50pm, when you are scheduled to drop off your children. Doors will open at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start. Seats have not been allocated  but the view is good from any position in the theatre. We are expecting a large crowd so please assist by ensuring there are no empty seats between families.

We would like to encourage everyone to remain at the theatre after the first half of the evening concludes as we would like everyone to take the opportunity to mingle with the many people, past and present, who will be there. We have organised food and drinks for everyone.

The school continues to receive well-wishes from people around the world who retain their emotional connection with the school. I received this lovely email that I would like to share with our school community:

Dear Steve, Suzi, Wilma, and all the teachers and families!

With celebrations for the twentieth anniversary of Maharishi School in Melbourne happening this week, I wish I could be there to share in all the memories and good experiences. So many people have given so much to the school over the years, and it’s a delight to think about all of you.

I have vivid memories of the first day of school in the Maharishi Vedic College building in Grimshaw Street – how excited the students were to be at school in such a grand building, with a tower to explore and all sorts of rooms and play areas. Then moving to Reservoir, how the school created over time its own beautiful space for students to learn and grow.

From the tiny seed of a few parents wanting Consciousness-Based education for their own children, so many good fruits have come for many graduates who are now adults and contributing their creativity and intelligence to the world.

Thank you all – all at the school and all who have enjoyed the school in the past – and I wish I could be there with you.

All the very best, and happy 20th anniversary.

Dr Sue Brown

Founding Member of the School Board 

Term 4  Programs
Details about the following school programs/initiatives will be sent home this week.

  • Before and After School CareRevised Guidelines
  • Term 4 – Homework Club
  • Sporting Schools Program

Term 4 – Tennis Coaching Program
We have already sent out the registration forms and received a large number in return for students to once again participate in this wonderful program.

Since sending out the forms, however, I have met again with representatives from Keon Park Tennis Club. Unfortunately, I have been told that the funding the club received, which enabled them to offer our school this program for no cost to the students, has now been withdrawn.

I told them the implications and consequences of this should not be too drastic as our school community has enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity our students have been given so far and I am sure that we would be prepared to support the Club in return.

This means that for students to participate in the tennis coaching program and receive an afternoon snacks at the Club during Term 4, we must now impose a $60 charge per student for the term. For all those families that have already returned their forms to express their interest, we apologise for this inconvenience but we did not foresee this. We do, however, need to address this matter.

Would all families who have registered their children now follow up with the $60/student payment at the office. Preferably, this can be done by the end of this week to enable us to confirm accurate numbers with the Tennis Club so they can plan and allocate the appropriate number of coaching staff for the start of the program on the first Wednesday of next term.

If the introduction of this charge has caused you to change your mind about registering your child for the program, please notify us immediately so that we can withdraw your child’s name from the list.

Sporting Schools Program—Term 4

The sport chosen for Term 4 is Softball. Sessions will run each Friday afternoon from 3.30—4.30pm

Softball Victoria will be facilitating the program.

Footy Colours Day

Our school ‘s student leaders and class captains, as part of their role on the Student Representative Council (SRC) have asked to run a Footy Colours Day this Friday 22nd September. The day supports the Fight Cancer Foundation. We have discussed at SRC the importance of being outwardly-looking and supporting charities/activities that give something back to the community.

Since 2005, Fight Cancer Foundation has used funds raised through Footy Colours Day to help young learners continue with their education while they receive treatment for cancer.

We would like everyone to show their true colours and make a difference in the lives of kids and young people living with cancer – by coming to school on Friday in Footy Colours.

The Emeralds class have taken responsibility for the running of different activities during the afternoon so we look forward to a range of fun activities for everyone.

Students are asked to donate $2 on the day. The SRC will then forward this to the Fight Cancer Foundation.

School Community Consultation – School Policies to review
Policies are important because they help a school establish rules and procedures and create standards of quality for learning and safety, as well as expectations and accountability. Without these, schools would lack the structure and function necessary to provide the educational needs of students and set the expectations for all members of the school community.

I have completed the review of several current policies and formulated new school policies that will be presented to the School Board to approve for the school to adopt.

An important part of the process of preparing policies is to invite the key stakeholders who are most affected by the policy, to review the policy at its draft stage, as is the case now with these policies.

You are welcome to come and have a cup of tea/coffee and read the policies. You can then direct any questions or feedback to me on the Feedback form that will be provided to you. The following draft policies are available at the General Office for  you to come and read:

  • Child Safe Policy
  • Communications Policy
  • Code of Conduct Policy (Parents/Guardians/Carers/Volunteers)

School Annual Report to view
Along the same lines as above, the School’s Annual Report for 2016 has been completed and published. If you would like to receive a copy or to view it at the school, please contact the Office to make your request.

Term 4

A few considerations for Term 4:

  • The students begin Term 4 on Tuesday 10th October.
  • Summer Uniform should be worn from the beginning of the term.
  • Students must wear their school hat from the beginning of the term
  • Students should arrive at school between 8.45am – 9.00am. The arrival of students on time will be an important focus for the school next term.

On behalf of the staff of our school, I would like to wish you all a safe and healthy Term 3 school holiday break. We look forward to everyone on their return  on Tuesday 10th October.

Steve Charisis