Issue 12

Principal’s Report
Perhaps a little hard to believe but we have just started Week 8 of a 10-week term. So what is coming up?

Diamonds Camp
On Monday, the Diamonds set off on a wonderful experience; an overnight camp at Melbourne Zoo.

Zoo Snooze” is a camping experience specifically designed for Year 3/4 students and is aligned with the Victorian Curriculum. It will provide our students with a unique overnight educational experience. They will be engaged in a “survival camp”, where they will get to know the animals of the Zoo as they have never known them before. They will learn their stories, their secrets and the adaptations that allow them to survive.

After being dropped off by their parents at the Zoo, our students will enjoy dinner before heading out into the Zoo for a night-time ‘ZooVivor’ adventure. Throughout their adventures, students will develop their own survival instincts as they work together in “tribes” to out-smart, out-eat and out-play the challenges that Melbourne Zoo presents after dark.

After a good night’s sleep under the stars they will be up early for breakfast and a special animal encounter. The students will then stay on and enjoy Melbourne Zoo on Tuesday. The Pearls and Emeralds will be attending the Zoo on Tuesday for a number of educational programs but will not be involved with the Diamonds’ Camp. All students will return to school by bus on Tuesday afternoon, at the end of the school day.

This unique experience will be a memorable one for our Year 3/4 students. Such activities cannot always be easily arranged by a small school such as ours because the zoo sets a minimum charge and the charges for a small group of students, such as we have, can be prohibitive. However, we are committed to our students not being disadvantaged by such matters and so the school has significantly subsidised the cost of this camp to enable our students to attend.

Trivia Night
This Saturday 9th September, the school will be holding its second annual Trivia Night. Our PFA, and specifically Lisa Hussey, have worked hard to make this night a success. There will be lots of great prizes on offer but, more importantly, it gives us the opportunity to socialise outside the walls of the school and further develop that school community spirit. We witnessed how well the dads and granddads got along at the Father’s Day Breakfast and the manner in which the mums organised the event and worked together so well as a team. These are key ingredients for a vibrant school community.

The event will be at the Keon Park Children’s Hub – Dole Avenue, Reservoir – 6.30pm. Tickets can be purchased on the night, although it would greatly assist the organisers if tickets were pre-booked. Please contact the Office for further details.

20th Year Celebration Evening
Please secure your tickets for the 20th Year Celebration Event to be held on Wednesday 20th September at the Rivergum Theatre, Parade College, Bundoora.

Many tickets have already been allocated through our online ticketing platform – Eventbrite so don’t wait until the last minute as there may not be many tickets remaining. Please remember that there will be more than just our current school community attending. We have alumni and their parents who are accepting our invitation to attend. All students will be performing.

Instrumental Music—Guitar
Our Instrumental Music Program has now been successfully operating for nearly two terms, with quite a large number of students learning the piano. This has led to consideration being given to introducing a second instrument to the program—the guitar. If you support the idea of your child learning the guitar as part of our Instrumental Music Program, please express your interest on the form on the last page of the Newsletter.

During the past couple of weeks, our boys from Years 2-6 have participated in the Year 3/4 & Year 5/6 Indoor Soccer Tournaments, hosted by Reservoir High School. The experience for our students to play competitive sport against other schools has been invaluable. It has given them much perspective for what to expect outside of their own school.

I am very proud of our boys for the manner in which they performed and the sportsmanship they displayed. Although as a school we still have a long way to go when it comes to competing equally with others, the students now have a benchmark as a starting point.

By the way, don’t they look fabulous in their new school representative sporting uniforms? They have all been very excited but also very proud to be representing their school.

Well done, boys!!

Steve Charisis (Principal)

Father’s Day Breakfast Highlights

On Monday 4th September we enjoyed the company of fathers and grandfathers who came along for their special Father’s Day Breakfast. It was great to see so many here. The photo below will hold a special place at the school when we look back at the highlights and special events of 2017. The photos on the next page, which we were able to capture on the day, are just priceless. Our apologies to those dads who we may have missed when taking the individual photos.

Instrumental Music Program – Moving Forward

Dear Parents,

In early 2017, Maharishi Primary School offered students the opportunity to take private instrumental lessons (piano) during school hours. This has been a huge success. We are now considering expanding the program in Term 4 to include the guitar, if parents and students support the idea.

Lessons will be offered as individual lessons or in groups of two, of 30 minutes duration. Students will be withdrawn from timetabled classroom lessons but the school will make arrangements for a flexible guitar lessons timetable to be developed so that students are not withdrawn from the same classroom lesson each week. Students will not have their private guitar lesson during specialist programs sessions such as Art.

The cost for guitar lessons:

$27 Individual Lesson (one student per 30 minute lesson)

$20 Group Lesson (two students per 30 minute lesson)

The school is now collecting expressions of interest from families. All students who are not currently in the Piano program are invited to take part (Please note: the school discourages students from learning more than one instrument during school time). Parents who express their interest in the program will be contacted by Ms. Morgan with further enrolment information and details about the program.

Steve Charisis