Archived: Issue #10 30/08/2018

Principal’s Report

Term 3 so far has provided us with an amazing array of special events and activities for the students and our school community. This edition of the newsletter highlights some of the significant past, present and future Term 3 events.

2018 School Production – ‘The Button Box’

This year’s school production will take us all on a journey around the world in song!  Tim Cove, parent and school production director/producer extraordinaire, is overseeing this year’s production with the assistance of our school staff and the valued contribution of our parents who will be asked to assist with sets, costumes and other requirements.

This year’s school production is being supported by the City of Darebin who have provided us with access to Preston City and Shire Halls, both of which will be utilised for the performance and the gathering after the show.

In summary, the story is about Alice and Jack who are staying with their grandparents.  The rain is pouring down, so they’re stuck inside and very bored. While squabbling, they accidentally knock over Grandma’s button box – and an assortment of weird and wonderful buttons spill out across the floor. These buttons were all collected by Uncle Jack, and there’s a story behind each one.  As the children hand the buttons to Grandma she explains where they came from – and the full story behind each button is revealed in a song. The dialogue also reveals some interesting family history!

Fourteen songs and an Irish dance are cleverly interwoven within this play that has plenty of other dance opportunities. Song styles and ‘flavours’ include:- Australian Aborigine, Chinese, Jamaican, African, American, Indian and Irish, as well as music hall, pop and sea shanty.


The Button Box

Thursday 20th September 2010 at 7:30pm

Preston City Hall

284 Gower Street Preston                                                    

Adult: $10.00 Child: $5.00 Maharishi Students: no ticket required

Tickets on sale from Monday 3rd September at the School Office

Alumni Breakfast

Last Sunday we held our 3rd Annual Alumni Breakfast to welcome back to the school students and their families who over the school’s short history have spent memorable times with each other. This year it was wonderful to see our recent graduates maintain their connectedness with our school and with each other. After all, they are the ones who we hope continue this annual tradition for years to come.

I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the incredible organisation leading up to the Breakfast of Wilma Wilson, Suzi Haynes and Karina Aston. On the morning itself we were grateful for the assistance of Tom Haynes, Natalie Constable, Veni and Kobby and Vicki Mihos.

Thank you to all for making it another wonderful event.

Boite School Choir Performance

On Wednesday the 8th August, the members of the Maharishi School choir were lucky because they got to leave school at lunch time! Why, you might ask?

The reason is because later on that night we were going to be performing at the Melbourne Town Hall to hundreds of people in the audience. We were members of the Boite school choir which was made up of 280 children from schools all over Victoria. Our theme this year was “Aboriginal Mission Songs”. We had to be at the Town Hall at 4pm for rehearsal. After rehearsal we had a chance to have a quick dinner before the show actually started at 7:30pm. When we got on stage we felt nervous and excited. We sang nine songs altogether. It was awesome but squishy sharing the stage with so many other students. Natasha also had to make a speech on stage when the older children were narrating the songs.

It was cool to be up high on the stage and to see the audience enjoy the music. It was actually pretty hot on stage and there were so many bright lights in our eyes. There were huge organs behind.

We were also lucky to meet the Mayor of Melbourne when we were rehearsing. She told us to have fun, and that we sounded really good from her office! She said that we were lucky to be performing on the main stage of the Town Hall. We did feel lucky.

The members of the Maharishi School Boite Choir were:

Gemma, Aaleyah, Billie, Mara-Jean, Georgia, Phoebe, Martina Rosa, Amelie, Lenny, Alize, Sybilla, Indiana – Rae, Isabella, Maeve, Sara, Alec, Pavanaj, Aiden, Natasha, Kizmet, Samaya, Pearl, Olive, Jesse and Jamie. A big thank you to Mara’s mum Virginia for teaching us all the songs. All in all we had a wonderful time! It was an amazing experience and worth doing!

By Diamonds & Emeralds Choir Members

Father’s Day Breakfast

Our traditional Father’s Day & Special Persons Breakfast will be held next Monday 3rd September at 9.00-10.00am.

Please contact Suzi at the Office to express your interest to assist. We also ask that you let us know who will be attending so that we are able to cater for everyone.

We look forward to making the occasion another special day for our school community.

Science Week – Monday 13th to Friday 17th August

Maharishi School’s Science Program is an outstanding inclusion in the school curriculum in that we are one of very few primary schools who acknowledge the value of the teaching and learning principles of Science, as well as the highly engaging nature of the content and skills, by providing the students with a specialist science teacher.

This year Mrs Aston once again helped highlight the significance and value of having a specialist science teacher by organising a “Science Splurge” where all students of the school could present their own understandings of the concepts and skills they learnt in the various fields of science, presenting a wide range of displays and experiments for their parents.

Undoubtedly the “Splurge” was an outstanding success with parents showing their appreciation for this program by attending in large numbers towards the end of the school day.

Book Week

We enjoyed seeing the creativity during our Book Character Parade. Thank you to everyone for helping make the day an enjoyable one for the students. A special thanks to Mrs Watt for organising the day, running the Book Week Story and Colouring-In competitions and setting up the highly successful Book Fair.

Another Book Week highlight was the visit by the Diamonds to the Keon Park Children’s Hub Kindergarten. During the visit our students assisted the Kinder children with an art activity and then spent time with them reading from books on which their Book Character costume was based.

Key Dates

Friday 31st August KPDSA Indoor Soccer Tournament (Years 5/6) at Reservoir HS

Monday 3rd September Father’s Day Breakfast (9.00am-10.00am)

Rehearsal – School Production (3.30-4.30pm)

Wednesday 5th September Emeralds Excursion – Immigration Museum

Sporting Schools Program – Basketball (3.30-4.30pm)

Friday 7th September KPDSA Indoor Soccer Tournament (Years 3/4) at Reservoir HS

Monday 10th September Chat With The Principal session (9.45 – 10.30am)

Rehearsal – School Production (3.30-4.30pm)

Wednesday 12th September Start Smart Workshop for students (Commonwealth Bank)

Sporting Schools Program – Basketball (3.30-4.30pm)

Monday 17th September Rehearsal – School Production (3.30-4.30pm)

Wednesday 19th September Sporting Schools Program – Basketball (3.30-4.30pm)

Thursday 20th September School Production at Preston City Hall (7.30pm)

Friday 21st September End of Term 3

Steve Charisis