How does your school assess a student’s progress?

Our Primary School is committed to providing parents with a range of information throughout the year to report on, support and guide each student’s learning. We make both formal and informal arrangements with parents to speak with their child’s teachers about matters such as their transition into a new school year, observations in relation to academic performance, student engagement, social development and goal setting. Teachers make available their records of assessment, teacher-assessed tasks and work samples to support their discussions with parents.

The school regularly reviews its process for the ongoing assessment of its students. We implement an Assessment Schedule that identifies and directs the assessment practices used by the teachers. This includes both formative and summative assessment. The teachers use “benchmark testing” at the beginning of the school year to accurately measure the starting point for students and then monitor their progress throughout the year. This information is shared with parents throughout the year during parent–teacher interviews and in students’ written reports.

Our school implements Individual Learning Plans for our students, a collaborative process between teachers, parents and, where appropriate, the student. These plans incorporate academic, emotional, social and physical development. As well as identifying areas where students may be experiencing some delay in their development or have gaps in their learning, we integrate areas of strength that have been identified in the student and cultivate these strengths to complement their overall development. Formative and summative assessments are used to determine more accurately the areas in which students will benefit by receiving targeted support.

Maharishi School is committed to ensuring that assessment guides learning rather than causing students the undue pressure and stress that can arise when teaching is too focussed on a rigid academic testing regime rather than on the students’ observed and measured progress in all areas of their development.