How do you promote leadership qualities in young people?

Development of outstanding leadership qualities is a priority throughout the entire seven years of education at Maharishi School.

In addition to regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, leadership is cultivated in all students and every senior student is given the opportunity to accept a leadership role. Together with a term-by-term Class Captain program, every student at the school experiences an opportunity to develop a range of skills to enhance their personal traits and characteristics.

Our Young Leaders program is an important feature of the senior school curriculum. The students are given the opportunity to develop public speaking, responsibility, team work and confidence in their role as Minister of a specific portfolio (e.g. Ministry of Celebrations, Ministry of Sport) at the school. Our Year 5/6 student leaders attend a Leadership Conference each year to explore leadership opportunities, develop leadership plans and implement their new ideas and skills.

Our leadership program provides the opportunity for students to make that valuable contribution to the school. Leadership at Maharishi School is about giving service. Our school leaders have organised fun activities including a Spring Festival and Harmony Day; caringly supported younger students; been excellent role models; and generally improved the quality of life and enriched the school experience of all students.

An important springboard for preparation for leadership is the Aurora Award Program for Year 5 students. The successful completion of tasks in seven categories – Growth of Consciousness, Leadership, Responsible Learning, Health and Fitness, Community Service, Creativity and Personal Challenge – will result in students being awarded a gold medal.

One enjoyable area of responsibility for our leaders is the care of the Prep students through the Buddy Program. This brings a sense of security to our youngest students and many positive relationships are cultivated during the year.

At the end of the year, we conduct a Celebration Evening for the entire school community, where the beautiful qualities of each student are acknowledged.