As a small school, what co-curricular opportunities do you provide for children throughout the week?

Our aim is to provide our students with a range of opportunities to enhance their involvement at school but also to develop themselves as individuals with a broad foundation of experiences. As an example, there is an overview below of the Term 3 activities that were enjoyed by our students in 2016. These initiatives, activities and events helped us achieve our aim of an inclusive, active and welcoming environment for our entire school community.

The activities included:

  1. National Tree Planting Day activity with Bunnings staff establishing a new garden
  2. Parent/Teacher Interviews
  3. School choir’s performance at the Melbourne Town Hall
  4. Student Lunchtime Downball Tournament
  5. Chess Masterclass Incursion with Northern Star Chess
  6. Lunchtime Chess Club each day and off-site Chess Tournament
  7. Library open for students on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday lunchtimes from 12.30-1.00pm
  8. Play Project incursion offering practical information and activities in relation to healthy living for children
  9. Sporting Schools Program after school from 3.30-4.30pm each Thursday
  10. Science Week incorporating a Student Science Expo
  11. CERES Excursion for Years 3-6 classes
  12. IMAX and Fitzroy Gardens Excursion for P/1/2
  13. Book Week offering a Scholastic Book Fair during the week, Storytime for Kindergarten children and Character Dress Up Day and Parade
  14. Family Life – Parent Information Session followed by student classes
  15. HOOP Time Basketball Day
  16. School Production
  17. School Disco